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How Does it Work?

Purchase a custom branding package to display your company’s marketing on your new charging stations. Once you have submitted your artwork, we send it off to print. Once it is done printing, we ship your prints straight to you so that you can apply it to your charging station(s). We no longer apply artwork to purchased charging stations.

Brand recognition is everything for your business. Fortunately, for those looking to stay top of mind, we’re offering free custom branding for anyone placing an order for a charging station before June 21, 2019.

View Custom Branding Instructions

Step 1: Pick Your Charging Stations
Add your desired charging stations to the shopping cart.

Step 2: Add This Item To Your Cart
Custom Branding is sold in packages of 10. Increase the quantity by 1 for every 10 charging stations, artwork type, or station model.

Step 3: Proceed to Checkout
Proceed to the checkout page. You will be emailed with further instructions on how to submit your artwork files.


Free Custom Branding on Charging Stations & Tables - 1 Week Only


Limited-Time Offer Ends 6/19

100% Off Custom Artwork on Charging Stations Purchased by 6/19 ($400 value)! Create brand awareness and recognition by adding your company logo and charging table custom branding.

Upon completing your order, you will be emailed further instructions on how to create and submit the custom branding for your charging stations. If you can not find the email, you may follow the instructions below.

Email logo and design files to [email protected]

Download the Template

Here is the list of available custom branding templates. Download the template file that matches the name of the charging stations you purchased.

Add Your Artwork to the Template

Using Adobe Illustrator, add your artwork to the template file you downloaded. Place your artwork on the green layer named “EDIT – Your Artwork Here”. Do not delete or modify any of the locked red layers (hiding them is fine). Make sure you embed all linked images and create outlines for all your text. Allow for a 1/2 inch bleed over the trim line.

Charging Cables

Email your completed template to [email protected] in Adobe Illustrator file format only (.Ai) with your order number in the subject line.



*It takes between 10 – 15 business days for your order to process, print, and ship from the day you submit your final artwork and it is approved.*Double check all information during checkout. If you submit the wrong shipping address, you will encounter delays. You have until you send your final artwork to make changes.

*If you want expedited shipping, there is an additional fee. Contact [email protected] to request expedited service.


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