Fast Charge Dual USB Car Charger


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It’s the phone charger your device should have came with. The ChargeTech Dual USB (2-Port) Car Charger is tiny and will charge your iPhone 6/6+ almost twice as fast as the included charger. With ChargeTech you can charge your device in half the time and get on with your life.
SKU: CT-900003


Meticulous Attention to Design

We spent extra time and attention in making sure this charger was not just small and powerful, but also beautifully designed and perfectly compact to carry around. From the swooping corners and glossy finish, to the way the prongs unfold, everything was carefully planned.

Twice The Speed

Speed comparison based on Apple 1.0 amp charger that comes with Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. ChargeTech utilizes technology to charge new iPhones at its maximum allowed capacity. Charge twice as fast, reduce charge time in half.


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