Desktop Outlets Power Strip

5.00 out of 5


Desktop Outlets Power Strip

5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)


This adjustable charging station is the perfect addition to any home or office workspace. With three available AC outlets and two 2.4A USB ports, the possibilities are endless. This station also features a dock to keep your phone or tablet out of the way while it charges. Model: DCS5

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Technical Specifications

Easy To Install Desktop Power Strip

Power outlets everywhere – Simply mount the desktop power strip along any edge of your work space and adjust the tension knob until it fits snugly. Plug into another outlet and you’re ready to start charging all of your desktop devices.

Increased Charging Speed – Now Supports 2.4amp Charging. Powerful enough to charge tablets and phones at full speed.

Outputs Included

2x 2x Built-In Standard female USB outlets. (Use any charging cable)
2x 3x Built-In AC Outlets (Plug in like a standard wall outlet)

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 7.25 in (w) x 2.25 in (h) x 1.25 in (d)

Edge Mount Dimensions

Width: 4 in
Height: 5.5 in
Depth: 1.5 in
Cable Length: 6 ft

Input / Output

Input: 110-240V ~ 15A 50/60 Hz
Output: USB Ports 5.0V at 900 mA. 2.4A per port.
Universal Sockets: 110-240V ~ 15A 50/60 Hz max.
Rear Sockets: 110-240V ~ 6A 50/60 Hz max
Max Power: 2000W with input 240V – 1000W with input 100V

Customer Reviews

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5.00 out of 5
"I work from home and this power strip is a great addition to my desk. Before, I would have to reach under my desk to plug in anything. Now I can change out whatever I need to plug in right in front of me."
- Cody C. (August 7, 2016)
5.00 out of 5
"Once you plug this thing in, you'll never have to reach under your desk again! This is the best addition I've made to my personal workspace all year."
- Tanner F. (August 5, 2016)
5.00 out of 5
"The reason my office went with this desktop strip was because of the ease of installation. There was no need for extra work to install these units. We just handed them out to our employees and they installed them themselves in under a minute. These should be in every office."
- Mike S. (August 3, 2016)
5.00 out of 5
"I'm in the process of getting these incorporated into my office. I purchased one myself to test it out and I love it! It was super easy to install and the convenience of having all outlets within arms reach is great."
- Jocelyn A. (July 28, 2016)

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