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12 Devices – Phone Charging Table


A phone charges on the chargetech charging table from a top down perspective
12 Devices – Phone Charging Table


The best phone charging Table (12 mobile devices) is a furniture cell phone charging station ideal for lounging areas, restaurants, bars, schools, trade shows and retail locations. Comes with 12 tamper-proof, industrial-grade braided cables (4x Apple lightning cables for iPhone 5 and newer, 4x Micro-USB & 4x Type-C cables for android devices) with fast charging and a Qi wireless charging pad (iPhone X, Galaxy S9) for the latest devices. It’s made with durable, industrial-grade materials to ensure it will endure frequent use. The side panel and table top can be custom branded to promote your marketing.

SKU: CT-300054
Model: TCS12


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Power Charging Table for Up to 12 USB Mobile Phones is the Perfect Electricity Solution for Bars, Restaurants and Events

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