Cell Phone Charging Dock

$129.00 $80.00

Cell Phone Charging Dock

$129.00 $80.00

The Cell Phone Charging Dock is a great charging station solution for businesses where space is very limited to desktops, tables, and countertops. This unit includes one Apple Lightning cable (iPhone 5 and newer) and one Micro-USB cable (Android devices) to charge most of today’s newest phones. While not in use, the cables can be stored in the hidden cable compartment. A dock at the back of the unit can be used to hold a phone or tablet while it is being charged. It can be custom branded to display your company’s or sponsor’s marketing.
SKU: CT-300006
Model: CCD4

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Custom Branding – How it works

Our Custom Branding Package includes 1 Design and 10 Copies. So you can brand up to 10 units. If you would like to brand more than 10, please contact us for special pricing via the quote form.

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