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8 Bay Middle Video Charging Locker

5.00 out of 5


8 Bay Middle Video Charging Locker

5 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)


An innovative cell phone charging locker for storing all valuables including wallets, keys and cameras. Pin code keypad eliminates lost keys for guests. Master serial code and rear key allows for easy retrieval if needed. Great for businesses. Wall mount or floor stand options available. Built in screen allows to display any video message to your guests as they charge their devices.

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Technical Specifications

Included Charging Cables

8x Micro USB (Non Apple Devices)
8x Apple Lightning (iPhone 5 & Newer)

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 120 lbs
Dimensions: 24 in (w) x 55 in (h) x 8 in (d)
Video Screen: 11 in (w) x 9 in (h)

Input / Output

Input: 110-240V ~ 10A 50/60 Hz
Cable Output: 5.0V at 2.4 mA max.
USB Port Output: 5.0V at 2.4 mA
Rear Socket Output: 110-240V ~ 6A 50/60 Hz max


International Power Adapter

Customer Reviews

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5.00 out of 5
"This is our 2nd Charge Tech product and there are no regrets.. We have a 2 floor pub and our customers use these charging lockers all the time. Our first locker was the 6 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker which is now on the 2nd floor. Our 2nd locker (this one) on the main floor plays ads from 2 beers brands which pay advertising to the point the cost is covered in the first. This means next year and there after the machine makes money for us. This is an easy decision for businesses that know what they are doing."
- Jason (August 19, 2016)

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