8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker

$1,995.00 $1,595.00

Phone Charging Locker
8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker

$1,995.00 $1,595.00

Add a Floor Stand.

Charging Locker Stand

Optional black stand for the 6 and 8 bay charging locker.
SKU: CT-200011

The 8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker is an innovative cell phone charging locker for safely storing all valuables including wallets, keys, and cameras. Pin code keypad eliminates lost keys for guests. Master serial code and rear key allow for easy retrieval if needed. Each locker bay contains two cables (one Apple lightning for iPhone 5 and newer, and one Micro-USB for android) to charge today’s newest phones. Made with durable, industrial-grade materials to protect from theft and frequent usage. The sides of the locker can be custom branded to display your marketing.
SKU: CT-300032
Model: PL8

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