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Product Spotlight: The New S10 Power Floor Stand Charging Station

Power is a must no matter the time, place, or industry. If you’re a business-owner, understanding and fulfilling that need for your guests can give you a significant edge over your competition. That need for reliable charging outside of the home is what made our Floor Stand Charging Station resoundingly popular.

Furthermore, it’s the same notion we kept in mind when developing, refining, and enhancing our brand new S10 Power Floor Stand Charging Station.   

Stronger, More Versatile Charging

2019 is a new year and that means a new look for our staple products. The S10 Power Floor Stand Charging Station has been given a complete face-lift, boasting a more modern, aesthetically pleasing design.

The new square base and stand do what we feel is a wonderful job conveying the sturdiness and durability our new unit provides.

As far as cables and charging is concerned, we’ve outfitted the S10 with two 5V/10W Qi wireless charging pads, opening up space for more phones and less wire clutter. Speaking of wires, we provide 8 industrial-grade braided charging cables (three Apple lightning for iPhones 5 and newer, three Micro-USB for Android, and two Type-C for newer devices) that can freely be swapped to meet your clientele’s specific needs.

We’ve also made the assembly of our new floor stands much simpler, making initial setup as well as cable replacements a breeze.

The unit still comes with the option of either setting up on a stand or mounting on a wall, allowing you to place it the most optimal locations. This charging station best operates in locations where your customers may be waiting or spending an excess amount of time as you provide a service or procedure.

We even increased the billboard space where your customized branding can be placed as well as the lighting used to illuminate it, ensuring your logo and colors are always center stage!  

Where To Put Your S10 Charging Station

s10 floor stand charging station

The floor stand charging station can fit snugly into a number of different types of business storefronts, retail shops, and service companies. If you have a waiting room, you should have a charging station and the new S10 is perfect for many waiting spaces.   

For example, we’ve worked with many hospital facilities to place these units inside their waiting rooms. Auto dealerships, mechanics and car-repair facilities have seen the same benefits by placing these floor stand charging stations throughout their lobbies. We’ve seen beauty salons deploy them facing outwards through their windows with weekly specials. This tactic has helped stores increase foot traffic while also providing a value their competitors have yet to adopt.

Whether you’re accommodating your workers, or looking to boost your Yelp reviews by catering to your clientele, there’s a number of different use cases that our new charging solution can lend itself to.


Success in a physical retail store is all about one thing: directing foot traffic. If you can guide a customer from section to section, you increase their time spent in store and, in turn, the likelihood that they’ll spend. In fact, research has shown that, on the whole, customers nearly doubled their shopping time and hiked their checkout totals by 29% when a reliable means of charging their phones was present.

So how do you maximize on this phenomenon with the placement of your S10? The answer is by strategically placing your station, complete with branding for a specific product, at locations where you believe the target of that advertising is likely to find themselves. Thus, you direct them from section to section, increasing their time and money spent.   


The information we teach in schools and in college is always changing and updating, making the use of classroom tech essential in the current day and age. Tablets, phones, and computers lend themselves well to being able to constantly stay on top of new relative information as it becomes applicable. Easy to see how a charging station fits right into the smart classroom setting.

Textbooks are slowly being phased out in favor of smart hardware and digital curricula, making the classroom a near perfect fit for an S10 charging station. Not only does delivering the charge these products need optimize your class, it helps your students succeed and more confidently retain lessons and concepts.


In the healthcare industry, more so than in most others, optimized patient experience is paramount. And how do you cater to a clientele that needs crucial information at a moment’s notice? You keep their phones and electronics supplied with power. Needless to say, the lobby is a more than optimal location to house one or a few charging stations. But where else can we see opportunity for improved patient experience scores?

Healthcare facilities are special in that they need to tailor their services to a clientele who not only needs to receive updates on their status, but needs to deliver those updates to friends and loved ones. If your facility is one that provides tablets and smart technology to its patients so they can video call and connect with loved ones who can’t yet visit them, an opportunity to increase patient satisfaction exists. Placing a charging station in your patients’ rooms can make charging electronics a breeze without having to force your recuperating patients to reach for a poorly placed outlet.     

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2019 is going to be a pretty big year for the ChargeTech line of products and we’re happy to start off strong with the reveal of the S10 Power Floor Stand Charging Station. If you’re ready to increase foot traffic, boost those reviews, or cater to your hardworking employees, keep an eye out for the S10’s release in March! You can place your pre-orders on our site.