Portable Phone Charger

The individuals behind Proporta.com have just released a thin and light pocket sized phone charger at 7mm wide. It is compatible with the Iphone, and Samsung and HTC phones. Although this phone charger is small enough to fit into your wallet and pocket, it doesn’t emphasize that you’ll need to charge it with a micro usb cord, which is also another problem in addition to worrying about losing this small cell phone charger. Another issue is the size, which contradicts itself. The low battery problem plagues thousands of people everyday, learn how to make your battery last longer.


Let’s face it, there’s a never ending supply of wireless cell phone accessories, which are suppose to be convenient to carry and bring around. But what if you don’t want to carry around that portable phone charger? What if there was a better way to charge your phone, meaning, what if you could actually just go to your local restaurant, coffee shop or bar and charge your phone for free? RIGHT?! We agree, that’s why ChargeAll is placing free cell phone charging stations everywhere. Learn more at http://mycellphonedied.com.


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