Pokemon Go Battery Saving Tips: Powering Your Quest to Be the Very Best

While launch week hype may have fizzled away for Niantic and Nintendo’s Pokemon Go, they have hardly slowed down when it comes to new releases and updates. 2018, for example, saw the release of gen 4 Pokemon, the resoundingly requested PVP feature, and even new Pokemon altogether in the form of Meltan and Melmetal! Of course, even with these updates and quality of life fixes, the app maintains its notoriety for being a battery-guzzling fiend. Fortunately, trainers have become much more resourceful with how they enjoy the game. In fact, some simple Pokemon Go battery saving tips and pieces of equipment can help you bypass power drain altogether and enjoy longer sessions!    

Tools of the Trade

One of the most immediate draws of Pokemon Go is the ease with which trainers can begin their journey! The app itself is entirely free and a smart device such as a phone or tablet is the only prerequisite hardware-wise. Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for bigger and better setups. Odds are you’ve already become well acquainted with “Uncle Pokemon”, Professor Oak’s living reincarnation who roams Taiwan armed with a bike, an external power source, and 11 phones each running the app. While Chen San-Yuan’s example is surely an inspirational one, by no means do you need to drop the same $1300 dollars a month he does to enjoy a successful career as a Pokemon trainer.

man holding pokeball

Invest in a Battery Pack

As far as easy purchases you could make today to upgrade your gameplay, you can’t go wrong with a portable battery pack. As fun as Pokemon Go can be, most phone batteries can only support about 3 hours of consecutive play before running out of juice. An external charger or portable battery pack can help extend that dreadful runtime and also help keep your phone charged for use after your session.    

Stronger battery packs can be an even better idea when you consider new updates to the game and how they’ve only exacerbated the battery draining problem. In fact, the more the game progresses, players have found that Pokemon Go battery saving tips have become more and more necessary. The newer AR+ mode introduced in 2017, for example, helps immerse players into the virtual world in which they’re hunting but not without its fair share of battery consumption. The same can be said for raids. While these special events offer opportunities to capture legendary Pokemon any trainer would be drooling to add to their collection, they’re pretty demanding on your phone’s battery as well. Considering that a 40,000 mAh battery pack can charge something like an iPhone 8 over 10 times, it’s easy to see how necessary the tool can be for someone looking to make good on “catching ‘em all”.      

Pokemon Go Battery Saving Tips

Essentially, Pokemon Go battery saving tips boil down to two things: external power and energy efficient settings. Some simple tips and considerations for both of these facets can really streamline your sessions and help you enjoy the game for longer.

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Consider Portable Charger Capacity

We’ve discussed mAh and picking a battery based on capacity in previous posts, but the practice still holds weight here. If you know your excursions tend to run late into the evening, a larger battery pack can help. Of course, there’s also size to consider. For that reason, others who only need a couple more hours to ensure raids don’t spell the end of their phone can get away with a smaller capacity pack. Not only does this save battery, it saves you some money and physical energy as well!

Turn on Battery Saver

The Pokemon Go app itself comes with a battery saving feature you can toggle on yourself. This will allow your phone’s screen to go black when it’s being held upside down and will vibrate to notify you if a wild encounter occurs.

Turn Off AR

Finding a Pikachu in your very own neighborhood may be exciting, but allowing the app to use your camera is one of the quickest ways to ensure your phone dies in the middle of your hunt. If you know you have the battery to spare, by all means, use the augmented reality function! If you’re on your battery’s last legs, however, you may want to settle for the digital landscape.

Turn Off Extra Effects

If you fancy yourself a purist and don’t need all the extra fluff when catching your Pokemon, you might be happy to hear that turning off effects like music and vibration can save on battery life!


Whether you’re a casual player looking to just catch your favorites, or a die-hard nostalgia buff looking to make good on your childhood dream to become the Pokemon master, these Pokemon Go battery saving tips are essential to making the most of your journey. And the timing couldn’t be any better! Niantic’s “Pokemon Go Holidays” event for 2018 launched on December 18! Trainers can look forward to new Pokemon, new costumes, and exciting gifts without having to worry about a sudden black screen mucking (or should we say Muk-ing) up their holiday fun!