Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks


With today’s electronic devices and all their functions and the list of APPS that grows at a exponential rate, is why they have far surpassed the capacity of the current battery technology. and why they lose their power so quickly with just moderate use.

Certain everyone has had their cell phone die at the worst possible moment.

It is this very common and shared experience that has created a unique and effective opportunity for your business to Brand, Promote and Network like no other.

Imagine for just pennies a day you can provide free charging to your Customers and Employees while,

(1) Turn your Customers into a captive audience for at least 10 minutes or more! (A Sales Person dream come true!)

(2) Advertising space to Brand, Promote and or lease to your business partners.

(3) Increase SEO standings by requesting a product/service review on your website, Yelp, Amazon, etc.

(4) Increase Customer and Employee satisfaction by providing a much needed service.

Whether it’s a convention or meeting room. Restaurant, lounge or store front at www.ChargeTech.com, reliable Full-Speed Charging Solutions Where You Need Them Most.

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