Phone Charging Stations to Improve Business

Multi-device charging station, disinfecting carts and lockable cabinets for companies incorporating mobile technology into day to day operations to improve business.  

How Mobile Technology Benefits Life & Business

The use of mobile device technology in day to day business practices is changing the way we work and companies operate. From inventory management and product selection to taking orders and ringing up sales, tablets are the new clipboard, cash register and attendee guest list.

Save time and reduce carbon footprint with cloud-based accounting, operations, product management and documentation. Mobile POS systems help you get out among customers and get more done in less time.

Phone Charging Stations to Improve Business Operations

UV Charging Cabinet

Improve effectiveness of day to day operations, charge, sanitize and store company owned devices with 20, 30 and 40 device charging cabinets and carts. Power tables, charging kiosks, and device lockers for Restaurants, Retail and Healthcare also help boost revenue, brand loyalty and staff efficiency.

If your employees use tablets and smartphones and you need to charge and store multiple devices an employee breakroom charging locker may be the answer. If you work in healthcare and sanitation is a priority, a UV disinfecting cart could be your best bet. 


Phone Charging Stations to Improve Business