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Education Solutions

View our collection of UV-C and antimicrobial charging products specifically designed to make schools safer


Enterprise Services

We provide custom branding and corporate solutions for organizations of all sizes. 


UV Disinfecting & Charging Lockers

Disinfect, Protect, and Charge up to 16 of your guests' devices at once. 


Battery Packs & Charging Stations

Products designed to keep your devices sanitized, powered up, and organized. 


Keeping Guests Charged Up on Game Day

"Washington Football Team fans deserve the best, which is why we sought out ChargeTech charging solutions for desktop and free-standing charging stations in our luxury boxes and throughout the stadium."
- Joey Colby-Begovich, Vice President of Guest Experience, Washington Football Team

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Antimicrobial & Antiviral Solutions

View ChargeTech's industry-leading portfolio of antimicrobial, UV-C, and antiviral device manage products

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