Goal Zero Phone Charging Station

New York City Experiment in Phone Charging Stations

Public Smart Phone Charging Stations in NYC

Will your smartphone battery last you though a full day of hard usage?  There are obviously power outlets located all over the city of New York but which business is willing to let you stand around just to charge up your battery?  Maybe they might if you pestered them but where will you find a place to plug in when you’re having a bite of lunch in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn? AT&T wants to solve your battery life problem with solar powered charging stations in places that may soon include Coney Island, Central Park, Union Square, Governor’s Island, and Hudson River Park. Does it really take an event like Hurricane Sandy to bring about change?

Goal Zero Phone Charging Station

The charging stations are named ‘Street Charge’ and are being set up by AT&T, working together with the solar company Goal Zero. There could be up to Twenty-five stations moving through “dead spots” throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan over the next three months.  The stations will each be moved twice before the end of the three-month trial so many New Yorkers will have the opportunity to try one.

The stations themselves are produced by Pensa and they look like someone planted helicopter seeds in the concrete and the sprouting stem and three blades are all that have emerged yet.  The blades are solar panels that provide power.  Each charging station has six connectors.  There are both 30-pin and Lightning plugs, as well as a micro USB to satisfy the needs of just about any smartphone.  They also have a traditional 2-amp USB port to charge up your iPad or for using your own cable if your phone has a different connector.

If this New York City experiment turns out successful, don’t be surprised if these little magic solar helicopter charging seedlings start sprouting up around the nation. While it doesn’t have all of the capabilities of our wireless public phone charging kiosk, it definitely addresses a universal problem. Perhaps ever bar, restaurant, coffee shop or park should have what ChargeAll customers call the best phone charging station around.

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