New Apple iPhone5 Lightning Connector

It’s official, Apple unveiled the new iPhone5 dock connector called “Lightning”. apple-lightning-new-iphone5




Sadly, YES you’re going to need to buy a new charger or adapter. But not to worry, ChargeAll has you covered. Just remember that ChargeAll is constantly revising it’s charging tips to be compatible with the most popular makes and models, in fact we change ChargeAll several times a year, and that’s why we’re the #1 cell phone charger on the market.


Stay tuned for the latest version of ChargeAll to be released later this year, you can wait, but the only problem is that it won’t be cheap. Apple is already selling a 30 pin adapter to work with the new Lightning dock connector for $29.00. You can find it here and feel free to use it with our current line of products immediately.


A bit of history, but in 2009 the mobile world congress came to an agreement that Micro USB would be the standard. Remember that dream about a universal charging connector standard? Well, unfortunately, it didn’t really come to fruition and there’s still a plethora of manufacturers creating new charging tips that work only with their phones or devices. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nintendo DS and now Apple iPhone5 are the latest.  Even the Wall Street Journal call’s the iPhone 5’s Lightning connector a pain in the neck. Imagine all those sound docks, alarm clocks and chargers that you’ve accumulated and have been using for the past 8 years. It’s from this problem, that stemmed the solution of ChargeAll.



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