Angry Zombie complaining about how her cell phone died… Yeah, I would be mad too.

Harry’s cell phone died right when he was about to have his tea and crumpets… No tea and crumpets!?! Are you serious.

Leroy was just about to call Betty Lou and his cell phone died. I’m sure his neck of the woods (trailers) could use a ChargeAll too.

Maybe it’s a good thing his cell phone died? They definitely need to make a Slumdog Millionaire Part 2.

Chester O Malley is tired of fumbling with multiple chargers. That’s how his cell phone died.

Harry’s cell phone died right before he was about to talk to the prime minister. Yay for ChargeAll in England!

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  1. I have turned into an online reader these days and even submitted a video on your website! My Cell Phone Died!

    December 22, 2011

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