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Charging Stations for Electronics

In our fast-paced digital era, customers, patients, guests, and clients all expect to be able to charge their devices from anywhere. Whether for business or personal use, charging stations around town and across the country are becoming increasingly a necessary go-to amenity for the modern consumer. If you want people to shop at your stores, dine at your restaurants and spend money on your products or services, then the benefits of purchasing and installing charging stations throughout your facility, property or campus should prove beneficial.

In addition to charging stations for electronics, ChargeTech is also the leading provider of portable electric outlet & USB charging solutions for laptops, e-readers and and appliances. Never again fall victim to in the red anxiety when traveling or on the road. Keep the lights on, the kids entertained and the event attendees engaged with the wide variety of electricity and portable power products.

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Mobile Device Charging Stations

Device charging stations, lockers, and kiosks to portable power packs with USB charging ports and wireless outlets. ChargeTech also offers a selection of portable power products to charge laptops, android iPads, e-readers and tablets from the classroom, courtroom or courtyard. Never again worry about running out of battery life when you need it most. Additionally, we’ve all been stranded without a phone and as a result gotten lost, missed an appointment or separated from the group.

Cell Phone Charging Stations for Restaurants, Bars & Events

Businesses can save customers a lot of stress by offering charging station in their establishment. No-mobile-phone phobia is a serious issue that affects millions every day. The side effects can be catastrophic and include extreme anxiety. The modern-day consumer appreciates always being available, staying connected, and having information at their fingertips.


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Phone charging station and portable power supply with outlet for electronics, laptop, phone, travel and camping.