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Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer for Today’s World

Do UVC Surface Sanitizers Work to Kill Pathogens? 

In this day and age, UV-C Disinfecting Light is used to kill pathogens in all sorts of environments, including hospitals, restaurants, water treatment plants and many more. The technology has been used for decades to improve quality of life and maintain disinfection standards across a variety of different fields. It has more recently been picked up by tech manufacturers in order to disinfect cell phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile technology, to curb the spread of pathogens like COVID-19, which grow and multiply on the surface of consumer cell phones. The mobile UVC surface sterilizer is becoming essential for today’s world. 

The beginning of COVID-19 showed the necessity of UV-C disinfection products, which became more commonplace after the virus was widespread in early 2020. In addition, various different public spaces have begun to utilize UV-C Disinfection, oftentimes to disinfect surfaces. UV-C Disinfection products like this, sometimes called “UV-C Surface Sterilizers” are utilized to make sure surfaces are disinfected and able to be used safely. According to various sources, UV-C Disinfection is effective in killing and reducing the amount of pathogens left on surfaces. In a recent public health study performed in 2019 regarding the usage of UV-C Surface Sterilizers in hospitals, researchers found that:

“The manual terminal cleaning of clinical areas is aimed to reduce the burden of microbial contamination, but often is not able to completely eliminate it and furthermore there is growing evidence that the contaminated environment is highly significant in pathogen transmission leading to healthcare-associated infections (HCIs). Decontamination of the environment such as patient-care rooms before admission of subsequent occupants has therefore become of more importance in recent years and the assurance of sufficient decontamination more vital; its importance was noted as pivotal in blocking norovirus and C. difficile transmission.”

Clearly, UV-C Surface Sterilizers are effective when used in a hospital setting, an environment that tends to have greater amounts of germs and pathogens present than regular settings. But how do these surface sterilizers work, and why is it important? This article will break down the uses for mobile UV-C surface sterilizers, showcasing their uses and why they’re important from a health perspective. It will also detail the various UV-C disinfection products offered by ChargeTech, to help mitigate bacteria build-up on electronic devices, including laptops, cellphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics used in public spaces and thus have an increased chance of pathogens being transferred from screen to user.

What is a Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer?

At this point you may be asking exactly what is a mobile UV-C surface sterilizer, and what is it used for? A mobile UV-C surface sterilizer is a rolling lamp, wand or other such mechanism containing a special UV-C bulb that allows the UV-C Disinfection process to be occur  while being moved around. A mobile UV-C surface sterilizer can be used to disinfect several different kinds of surfaces; counters, desks and other such things. Different surface and air UV-C disinfection devices are used in a variety of different areas: hospitals, food service, airplanes and water treatment, in order to reduce the risks of pathogen contamination. It is a proven method of reducing pathogens across a variety of indsutries. According to Light-Sources.com:

“Using ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize surfaces is also called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, UVGI, and is a method of disinfection proven to be highly effective when administered with adequate dosing from quality UV lamps. Germicidal lamps for disinfection purposes are designed differently than standard fluorescent lamps, engineered to emit wavelengths in the UVC range.”

These UV-C Disinfection lamps work best if given hard surfaces to disinfect, allowing the bulbs maximum coverage of an area. The more directly a lamp is able to focus on an area that is desired to be disinfected, the more effective it will be in disinfecting said area. According to the FDA:

“In addition to understanding whether UVC radiation is effective at inactivating a particular virus, there are also limitations to how effective UVC radiation can be at inactivating viruses, generally.

  • Direct exposure: UVC radiation can only inactivate a virus if the virus is directly exposed to the radiation. Therefore, the inactivation of viruses on surfaces may not be effective due to blocking of the UV radiation by soil, such as dust, or other contaminants such as bodily fluids.
  • Dose and duration: Many of the UVC lamps sold for home use are of low dose, so it may take longer exposure to a given surface area to potentially provide effective inactivation of a bacteria or virus.”
Surgical masked undergoing the UV-C Disinfection process
Surgical masked undergoing the UV-C Disinfection process.

So while mobile UV-C surface sterilizers can be effective, it also depends on the usage and how the device itself is being utilized. However, when utilized effectively, mobile UV-C surface sterilizers are able to drastically reduce the amount of pathogens left on surfaces. According to Regency Lighting, the pros of utilizing Mobile UV-C Surface Sterilizers are:

  1. Mobility – The biggest perk of mobile UV disinfection is the fact that you can move them to the threat, or the area you want to disinfect. All you have to do is plug the unit in one room, allow it to run its cycle, then unplug and move it to another area. If you have multiple rooms to disinfect at different times of the day, moving the UV-C disinfection unit between spaces is easy.
  2. Operate on any schedule – Instead of using ceiling or wall mounted UV disinfecting products that operate on a schedule, mobile UV units can be used when it’s convenient for you. This is especially beneficial in areas that are used frequently, like hospital rooms, hotel rooms, or airplanes. When you know the room is empty, you can run the germicidal UV unit.
  3. Adjustable equipment – There are several different variations of mobile UV disinfection units. Some are robotic, some are pushcarts, and some are built on stands like the products mentioned below. Most involve adjustable equipment to make sure you are hitting the areas you want to hit with germicidal UV light. That leaves little room for hiding spots for germs.
  4. Easy to use – With proper training, it’s easy to operate mobile UV units. Most also come with occupancy sensors that will shut off if motion is detected.

Clearly, there are many reasons to disinfect surfaces utilizing mobile UV-C surface sterilizers. But there are also UV-C disinfection solutions for cellphones, devices which also accrue massive amounts of germs and pathogens as they are used increasingly in public spaces. Rather than simply clean your cellphone manually, instead you can promote smart phone hygiene via UV-C cell phone disinfection with fast phone cleaners, like the products we offer here at ChargeTech Charging Solutions.

Cell Phone Sanitization: Do’s and Don’ts

You may be asking yourself a question: Do UV sanitizers work? Well, here at ChargeTech we have been manufacturing, for years, quality UV-C Disinfection products that keep cell phones germ-free, ensuring users’ smartphone hygiene with a variety of effective products.

A man disinfects his cell phone with a cleaning wipe
There’s more to disinfecting a cellphone than meets the eye.

According to Business Insider:

“A UV phone sanitizer looks like a box or a chamber that opens up with space for your phone. They have built-in lights that turn on at the push of a button or as soon as the box shuts.

While the box is shut, a bright UV-C, or Ultraviolet-C, light shines on the phone and reflective surfaces in the box for anywhere from three to 10 minutes. Many phone sanitizers available online can charge your phone while running the cycle, and some have extra space for other objects like keys or credit cards.”

Sanitizing your personal cell phone is an important part of being a cell phone owner, making sure that you are not growing harmful pathogens on your phone’s screen and spreading them to yourself or others, negatively affecting your health. According to Mashable.com, owning a smartphone is almost like having another appendage, one that touches all the same surfaces as your hands.

“We call our phones the third hand you never wash,” Dan Barnes, the co-founder one smartphone sanitizing company, PhoneSoap, told Mashable. “Unless you treat your phone the same way as your hands, it’s hard to keep all three clean.”

Many will go straight to manually disinfecting their cell phones with cleaning agents or other harsh chemicals. Researchers are now saying this: don’t use windex on your phone case, or other cleaning agents because it corrodes the materials that phone screens and cases are made out of. This recommendation to not use chemicals like windex on cell phones comes after years of people suffering from degrading electronics from improper cleaning.

Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer for Today's World 1
Many will suggest sanitizing a cell phone via harsh cleaning chemicals and wipes—however these things can actually corrode electronics, leaving them less effective.

Instead what can be used to promote smartphone hygiene is a fast phone cleaner or zero germ smartphone sanitizer. Instead of manually disinfecting a phone using cleaning agents or alcohol wipes, a UV-C Disinfection system can be used to eliminate pathogens on the surface of a cell phone. A best practice for businesses and various public venues is to install a device like the iCleanse Swift UV or a ChargeTech Disinfection & Charge Cabinet or UV Light Disinfection — Charge Locker. These fast phone cleaners promote smartphone hygiene and ensure users’ devices are pathogen free, so there is no unnecessary germ exposure for people using their phones and those around them.

The iCleanse Swift UV is able to remove 99.9% of pathogens from a cell phone after just 15 seconds of UV-C disinfection. Manual phone disinfection can be ineffective and there’s no guarantee that germs have been eliminated from the phone’s surface. Rather than leave these things up to fate, investing in a uv light mobile phone disinfection station for customers, employees, visitors, or whatever clientele you might be serving, helps ensure satisfaction and lowering the risk of spreading harmful pathogens wherever you may work or do business.

Below, you will find a variety of different products that work to keep user’s smartphones pathogen free and ready for use. These products range in size and use functions, but each works to keep your smartphone disinfected and charged.

ChargeTech Products for Personal Device Disinfection & Phone Charging Stations

Swift UV from iCleanse 


Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer for Today's World 2
The Swift UV from iCleanse, a huge leap forward in personal device disinfection.

ChargeTech is also a proud partner of iCleanse, a worldwide leader in UV-C personal device disinfection. According to the iCleanse website:

“iCleanse is the original solution for fast, reliable, and touchless disinfection, supporting the safe use of mobile devices and other vital equipment in hospitals, education, retail, food service, and more with UV-C technology.”

Their Swift UV product is the most effective fast phone cleaner on the market, disinfecting cellphones in just 15 seconds. The perfect way to promote cellphone hygiene in businesses, hospitals and other public areas, The Swift UV can be easily placed in almost any establishment. The Swift UV has been found to be 99.9% effective at killing pathogens occurring on cellphone screens, keeping people safe from germ build-up on their devices. The Swift UV is the perfect zero-germ smartphone sanitizer for the modern marketplace, promoting smart phone hygiene in just 15 seconds.

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8 Bay Charging & UV Disinfecting Locker 


Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer for Today's World 3
ChargeTech’s 8 Bay UV-C Disinfect and Charge locker can charge and disinfect up to 8 smartphones at once.

ChargeTech’s 8 Bay Charging & UV Disinfecting Locker is the perfect place for cell phone users to securely lock up their mobile devices while they are being charged and disinfected. With 8 Charging & Disinfecting bays, a whole group of different customers are able to charge their devices at once, all the while having them rid of harmful pathogens with UV-C disinfecting light. Simply type in your unique keypad code and your cellphone is ready to go, locked and secure until you come to retrieve it. Simple, effective and easily used by people of any age, our 8 Bay Charging and UV Disinfection Locker is a simple and effective product that anybody can use for quick and convenient phone cleaning.

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10 Bay Clean & Charge AC Cabinet 2.0 


ChargeTech’s 10 Bay UV-C Disinfect & Charge Cart is the perfect way to simultaneously charge and disinfect up to 10 laptops/tablets.

The 10 Bay UV Clean & Charge Cabinet 2.0 is able to charge and disinfect up to 10 laptops, cellphones or tablets all at the same time. The simple One-Touch control system makes it easy to operate the charging and UVC Disinfection cycles with just the touch of a button. With a disinfection period of only five minutes, the 10 Bay UV Clean & Charge Cart 2.0 is the perfect personal device disinfection solution for schools or the workplace.

Also available in 20 Bay30 Bay and 40 Bay options. The larger cabinet options are ideal for a high volume of cell phones or other personal devices. With a cleaning cycle of five minutes, the 2030 and 40 Bay UV Clean & Charge Cart 2.0 are perfect personal device disinfection solutions for schools or the workplace.

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Power Stand Charging Station


Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer for Today's World 4
The ChargeTech Power Stand Charging Station is an 8 cord phone charging station that works with iPhones, Androids and any other smart phone.

The ChargeTech Power Stand Charging Station is a perfect solution for businesses looking for an easy install, highly effective smart device charging station. Equipped with eight industrial grade braided cables, up to eight devices can be charged by the Power Stand Charging Station at the same time. The station is also easily brand-able, with an easily replaced backing that can be swapped out with advertising for your business or from a sponsor. The Power Stand Charging Station is a great choice to keep customers’ phones fully charged and can easily be placed wherever you want to direct foot-traffic.

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