Battery: Li-Polymer
Capacity: 36000mAh
Input: 12.6V/2.5A
Output: USB 5V/2.1A
Type-C: 5V 9V-12V/3A DC 16.8V/3.5A
Charging Time: 5-8 hours
Life Cycles: ≥1000 times
Working Temperature: 0°C-45°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C-45°C
Product Size: 198X136X26mmLaptop Battery Pack
Laptop Battery Pack Charger
DC to MacBook T Connector
DC to MacBook F Connector
Type-C to Type-C Cable
Multifunctional Bag

  • Do not use the Laptop Battery Pack in damp environment.
  • Keep the Laptop Battery Pack out of children’s reach.
  • Do not put the Laptop Battery Pack into the fire or in a high temperature environment (above 60°C).
  • To avoid damaging the internal circuit do not bump/beat/shake the Laptop Battery Pack.
  • Use the original adapter to charge the Laptop Battery Pack.  
  • Please check the charging voltage of the laptop and cell phone first to make sure the charging voltage is consistent with the output voltage of the Laptop Battery Pack.
  • The Laptop Battery Pack supports charging and discharging at the same time (pass-through charging).
  • Power ON: press the “On/Off” button to switch on. The LED lights shows the current capacity of the Laptop Battery Pack.
  • Power OFF: hold down power button (3s) to switch off.
  • Automatic Power OFF: Laptop Battery Pack will power off automatically after 6 seconds if there is no charging or discharging.

0-25%: 1st LED light is on (solid color)
25%-50%: 1st-2nd LED lights are on (solid color)
50-75%: 1st-3rd LED lights are on (solid color)
75-100%: 1st-4th LED lights are on (solid color)
Low Voltage Indicator: When 1st LED light blinks, please charge the power bank right away.0-25%: 1st LED light blinks
25%-50%: 1st LED light is on (solid color), 2nd LED lights blinks
50-75%: 1st-2nd LED lights are on (solid color), 3rd LED light blinks
75-100%: 1st-3rd LED lights are on (solid color), 4th LED light blinks
Fully charged: All LED lights are on (solid color)Connect the DC port of the charger to the input port of the Laptop Battery Pack and the other end to the wall outlet. This product has a smart identification function that can charge Apple laptops, smart phones and other digital devices (especially devices with a Type-C connector).

  • Two USB output ports: 5V/2.1A can charge Apple and other cell phone and tablet brands.
  • Laptop Battery Pack starts charging automatically when connected with the charging device.
  • Laptop Battery Pack automatically turns off after 6s when disconnected from the charging device.
  • Please check the input voltage of your MacBook and carefully choose the appropriate output port before charging your MacBook.
  • Reference the diagram below for which cable to use
  • Power bank automatically turns off after 60s when disconnected from the charging device.

1 year warranty
During the warranty period, if any quality problem occurs, please contact [email protected] for support service.
The following situations will go against the warranty terms:

  • Any problems, malfunction or damages due to incorrect using methods or caused by unauthorized disassembly or repair.
  • The damage caused by excessive force, fire and other extreme abnormal conditions.
  • Without the warranty card or the card records is not clear, complete, or without the sales company seal