How Kaiser Permanente Increased Guest Satisfaction Scores

The Hospital Waiting Room Experience

Many hospital visits can be long, unanticipated, and stressful. People sit in the waiting rooms anxiously listening for their turn to come next. A majority of these patients will be passing the time by playing games, listening to music, or keeping in touch with family members. It is the last place where someone wants to be without their phone. Or worse yet, be with a draining battery… That is why more hospitals are placing special amenities like phone charging stations in their waiting areas, guest rooms, cafeterias, and even operating rooms.  

Now imagine you were one of these patients and your phone goes into low battery mode. You forgot your charger at home and unless you can find a way to charge, your phone is going to die and you’ll spend the rest of your wait at the hospital with crushing anxiety. You nervously scan the room and your eyes lock onto… a charging station. Relief settles in as you walk over, plug in your phone, and continue to wait your turn. When prompted to fill out a survey about your visit to the hospital, you’re more likely to give positive answers and leave a better review.

Kaiser Finds a Solution

Staff members at Kaiser Permanente decided to add charging stations to their facilities specifically to combat the anxiety and frustration that their patients experience in their hospital waiting rooms. They noticed that when waiting room guests found distraction on their phone, they were calmer and at ease during office visits. 

“Waiting rooms can be a place of frustration. Most of our patients are comforted by being able to stay connected to their normal lives outside of the hospital. Having a charging station allows them to keep doing this.” – Kaiser Permanente

A Trusted Partner 

ChargeTech has worked with top healthcare organizations around the world such as Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical Associated Hospitals, and Hoag Health Network. We understand how important it is for hospitals to provide the best care and customer service to their patients. That is why we offer a variety of charging solutions to fit all healthcare settings, from charging lockers to bedside charging stations. We don’t just offer charging stations either. You can browse our options in Portable Power to wirelessly charge anything, anywhere–from electric-powered oxygen tanks to portable surgical equipment.

Not Just For Patients

Kaiser also chose to offer charging stations in their employee break rooms. Employees can face similar frustrations with the workplace when they feel like they cannot check into their personal lives while covering long shifts. More importantly, many healthcare professionals rely on technology to facilitate patient care throughout the day. The idea of not having their medical devices or phones continuously charged adds unnecessary stress to the job. Kaiser has found that adding 1 to 2 charging stations per break room has significantly increased employee morale and overall happiness.

Today, break rooms all over the country are installing charging stations for their employees not only to facilitate employee work and productivity, but also to provide employees with the opportunity to stay connected with their personal lives when they need to most leading way to greater employee happiness and satisfaction.