iPhone 5 render based on leaked information regarding the product


Release Date: Since the release of the last apple phone product, the iphone 4s, which was released in October 2011, tech experts are now confident that the keynote address will be on September 12 and the launch date of the new iphone 5 will be on September 21, 2012, instead of the previously held belief that it would be released in late August to October. Although there has been no official confirmation from Apple executives about the release date, it will most likely be in September 2012. In addition to this, Gartner.com reports that demand and sales in cell phones have dropped 2.3% in the second quarter of 2012 as people begin to anticipate upgraded smart phone launches (the iphone) and promotions. Experts also anticipate that the new iphone 5 will not be limited to just black and white. Among smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the market and now, smartphones now account for 50.4 percent (or 45.6 million units) of all Samsung mobile devices. With the rise of smartphones in today’s society, wouldn’t it be smart for retailers and individuals alike to purchase and provide for their consumers public cell phone charging stations? What do you think?


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