Inductive Wireless Phone Charging Pads

Remember when phone charging use to be so simple? All you really had to do, was stick it in the hole. Now there’s something called inductive charging, or charging an electronic device through wireless means. It’s a new, innovative way of recharging your battery. Through inductive charging, an electromagnetic field is used to send energy from one object to another, such as through wireless charging pads.

Inductive charging happens within a charging station, and devices are introduced to the electromagnetic field. Once placed on or near the wireless phone charging pad, electrical currents will run from the induction coils in the base charger and the portable device. An electric transformer is the result of the two induction coils operating back and forth.

There are several disadvantages to inductive charging stations:

  • Lower efficiency
  • Wireless phone charging pads take longer than traditional means to charge, and conduct a higher level of heat.
  • Docks and stations for inductive charging are expensive and have a higher cost of production per device.
  • Inductive charging limits the mobility of the electronic device. Regular wire charging means that the item can be freely moved about and utilized while the battery is recharging. Wireless charging does not offer item mobility, which can limit its use for quite some time.
  • Some wireless charge stations may not operate with a variety of devices from different manufacturers. If this is the case, the charge pad may not be worth the cost or space.


We’re often asked if our ChargeAll CS4.0+ is a  wireless phone charging pad. In fact, it’s not, for the same reason why Apple decided not to incorporate wireless charging into their iPhone5. Well, the Qi standard is a great platform and new products are being introduced to the market regularly. All of them seem to offset the negative points of the devices, and to operate in a more valuable manner.  Smaller wireless chargers and better mobile frequencies are being created as more effective mobile integrations for customers. Wireless mobile technology is one of the newest innovations and is becoming a new standard in mobile technology. Simply put, it’s a great concept, but there isn’t a real need for it, or is it of significant value.

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