3 Ways to Improve Patient Experience at a Medical Facility

As a hospital or medical center, you’re tasked with more than healing physical ailments. Part of the job description also asks of you to care for your patients’ mental well-being. After all, not much healing can take place if an inattentive staff and chaotic lobby space are keeping your guests stressed and burdened. In that regard, patient experience is just as essential as your ability to treat what ails those who seek your help.

In fact, investing some time and funds into streamlining patient experience can do wonders for your reviews and reputation online, and we don’t think we need to explain why that’s a good thing. Fortunately for the hospital marketing chief looking to develop their medical center into the reliable recuperative facility they know it can be, we’ve got 3 easy ways to improve your patient experience that can be implemented quite simply!  

Expand Your Visiting Hours

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It’s pretty common for most medical centers to default their visiting hours to the classic 8am-8pm shift thinking that’s all that’s required. However, studies conducted by the Journal for Healthcare Quality, proved quite the opposite! According to their findings, when Morristown Medical Center incorporated a 24 hour visitation policy, it received an exponential increase in visitors. Needless to say, patient satisfaction also grew as a result of having their inquiries answered whenever they needed. In all truth, the policy change served as a win-win for both staff and patients since staff routines saw little to no change.

Healing Gardens

healing garden

If we’re talking curb appeal, few things if any can top a proper healing garden for a medical center. Aside from simply looking amazing, healing gardens can help your patients stretch their legs and improve their mood, which is proven to do wonders for their ability to heal. Of course, a healing garden is a dream for many health facilities, but you’ll want to make sure you have the resources necessary to maintain sitting areas, walkways, ponds or anything else of the sort you’d like for yours.

Add Phone Charging Stations

chargetech power floor stand charging station

Regardless of how large your team is, a visit to the medical center will almost invariably mean long waits in the lobby for your patients. That’s just the nature of the business. Considering how your guests will probably need their phones to kill time while they wait as well as contact their loved ones for updates, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that their batteries may need a backup charge. That’s where a few charging stations can make a world of difference.

Keeping your patients’ phones charged can alleviate boredom and concern, hopefully enticing them to leave a positive review. And even if they don’t, you’ll at the very least make some loyal return patients out of those happy guests.