ChargeTech- portable-power-outlet

How to charge multiple devices with ChargeTech portable power outlets

Made for speed and designed for durability, this pixel perfect power couple is lighter and faster than any other power source on the market. Charge whatever, wherever and however (AC 3-prong plug and dual USB phone charging ports). Backed by 365-day warranty, 5″ x 7.5″ godsend gadget is the perfect travel complain or on the road tech accessory.

ChargeTech- portable-power-outlet


Step 3.

Allow the unit to charge fully until digital display reads FF meaning the universal cell phone charger is fully charged.



portable power

Step 4.
Roam freely and never again worry about getting lost, separated from the group or being stuck without a phone.


Stay plugged in with a portable power outlet built with capacity in mind. Compact and portable power bank provides hours of ongoing battery life when you need it most. Innovative charging solutions designed for your next business trip or outdoor adventure. Check out more universal phone accessories, mobile chargers and portable Phone Charging Stations for cell phones, smartphone, iPhone, laptop, home appliances and personal electronics.