Keep Guests Plugged In & Checking In

Lobby charging stations improve guest satisfaction, length of stay and return rates. ChargeTech portable power products allow guests to charge laptops, android devices, iPads, e-readers and tablets regardless of whether it be in the classroom, courtroom or courtyard.

We’ve all been stranded without a phone and as a result gotten lost, missed an appointment or been separated from the group. Fortunately, with the right charging solution, you and your guests will never again worry about running out of battery life when it’s needed most.

The High-Tech Hotel Lounge: Work-Life Integration at it’s Best

As work-life boundaries continue to blur, leisure trips have only increased in popularity, hiking the need for 100% battery life. The modern tech-savvy traveler requires the ability to charge their devices throughout their trip, making freestanding and wall mount charging stations more of a necessity than an amenity.

From wilderness treks to business trips and family vacations, ChargeTech offers a variety of phone charging products and power solutions to fit your lifestyle and needs. View Products


Innovative Charging Solutions for On-the-Go Game Changers

From cell phone charging stations, lockers, and kiosks to portable power banks with USB charging ports and wireless outlets, ChargeTech offers power solutions fit for all manner of lifestyles from the outdoorsy tech enthusiast to the out of office executive. Say goodbye to the dated hotel business center consisting of a few desktops and a printer. In our ever-changing digital world, entrepreneurs and executives expect high-tech amenities when traveling.

Whether housing guests in town for business or recreational reasons, a high-tech hotel lounge complete with friendly staff, free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations keeps them sharing, checking in and spreading the word. According to Forbes, “bleisure trips” are becoming more common among business travelers. As a result, more and more hotel lobbies are beginning to provide continuous connectivity to meet these increased expectations.