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Home Depot rolls out Charging Stations in Employee Break Rooms

At Home Depot, employee happiness and productivity takes the front seat. That’s why in 2016, Home Depot decided to do a nationwide roll-out to outfit every employee break room with phone charging stations. This gave their employees the chance to recharge their devices during breaks, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. 


To ensure customer satisfaction, Home Depot employees are not allowed to use their phones during retail hours. So when it came break time, this was the time for employees to plug in. The problem? There just weren’t enough electrical outlets to accommodate all the employees on break at the same time.


Home Depot chose the ChargeTech Floor Stand Charging Station to place in their break rooms. With the ability to charge up to 12 different devices at the same time, everyone got the chance to charge. VIP Home Depot customers can also now recharge their phone at the ProDesk, an area where contractors and high volume buyers shop.


Home Depot has found that the longer a customer stays in the store and the better their experience, the more they purchase and return.

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