The Top 5 Holiday Gift Guide for 2011


Here is ChargeAll‘s prediction for the top 5 holiday gifts this season.


1.) Samsung Galaxy S II – Hitting T-Mobile on October 12th. Apple is going to wish they released the Apple iPhone 5.

2.) Apple iPhone 4S –While still the “coolest phone on the market”, the iPhone 4S fails to wow us in typical Apple fashion. Of course there is a debatable strategy behind Apple not wanting to release this phone.

3.) Nintendo 3DS – Kids, Adults, and Pets alike. We all love to play and what better handset that the Nintendo 3DS. Featuring one of a kind 3D technology, this gaming device is sure to be a hot item under the Christmas tree.

4.) Amazon Kindle Fire – What makes the Amazon Kindle Fire so great? The price! $199 and free shipping?! This would be perfect on the family room sofa, in the car, in the bathroom, or wherever else you need to readily access the internet.

5.) Apple iPad2 – The iconic tablet PC that changed mobile computing. Rest in peace netbook, this multi-functioning PC was what Steve Jobs considered to be the most revolutionary piece of modern gadgetry in our modern day and time. Not to mention it has already become the fastest adopted piece of technology in all of history.


BEST HOLIDAY GIFT – ChargeAll. What’s ironic is that ChargeAll works with all of the top gifts listed here and also thousands more. It’s only $19.95 and is the perfect gift for the entire family.

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