How Portable Power Banks Make Us Smarter, Safer, and Greener

Until the next big breakthrough in energy acquisition, we as a species will continue to depend on power. More specifically, we’ll continue to rely on the grid.

“The grid” is an interconnected network used to deliver electricity from producers to consumers. It consists of power generation stations, transmission lines that bring power to demand centers, and distribution lines that connect to individual consumers.

Anatomical breakdown aside, the grid is the source of power you use to energize your home and more. As such, the grid can be an immensely consoling presence. Yet, having so much of our energy needs tied to this one source can be a recipe for disaster.

Take the recent happenings in Venezuela, for example. On March 7th, Venezuela suffered a widespread blackout, the largest in history, because of an attack on their grid. Everything from hospitals and industry to transport and even water services were affected.

The solution to problems like these? Stored, portable power.

We’ve covered the benefits of portable power before, but there’s more beneath the surface. Something like a portable battery can truly benefit you economically, safety-wise, and environmentally.  

Portable Power Banks for Money Saving


You may think you’re paying a flat rate, but electricity prices can vary from day to day and even hour to hour! Like most 101 economics classes will tell you, demand for a good is always going to hold sway over how much you pay. The less demand for power, the less you’ll pay for it. Keeping that in mind, knowing when demand for power is at its most will help you avoid paying hiked up prices.

Southern California Edison actually breaks down when energy is at its most demanded. According to their findings, peak hours of energy usage take place from 12pm-6pm Monday through Friday. That’s all well and good, but, how do we capitalize on that valuable information?

The answer is stored power, ideally, in the form of a battery. By filling your batteries during off-peak hours, you’re grabbing electricity when it’s at its cheapest. You’re then free to bust out that power during peak hours when prices are higher.  

Portable Power Banks for Safety


We’ve already mentioned the blackouts in Venezuela. And more concerns arise when you learn the cause was an attack carried out purposefully.

The lesson this teaches many of us, albeit too late, is that the grid doesn’t guarantee security. Whether it be from an attack, a malfunction, or even human error, blackouts happen. Until our grids come outfitted with a storage facility, individuals must prep for these unexpected emergencies with backup power.

And so, being ready with something that can power your belongings and appliances will go a long way when those lights inevitably go out.

Portable Power Banks for the Environment

eco-friendly power

Renewable, green sources of energy are amazing. They cut our impact on the environment, cost little to attain, and provide us an alternative to things like fossil fuels. Quite the achievement when you consider that 2018 saw the largest hike in energy-related CO2 emissions since 2010.

Unfortunately, while solar and wind energy are great, they don’t do us much good when the sun stops shining or the wind stops blowing. Portable power storage, however, gives us the ability to choose when and where we receive our energy!

A simple solar charging panel for your battery pack can help soak up power when the sun is actually up for use during more rainy days.   


Stored portable power offers more than just convenience. With a rechargeable battery, you can power your belongings effectively, cost-efficiently. and with a guilt free conscious.

Try charging a battery pack with solar power during non-peak hours and see if the savings speak for themselves!