Free Charging Stations in NY

Free Charging Stations for Iphone and Android Phones

      The Free charging stations for Iphone and android phones are located in the heart of Dumbo in Brooklyn, New York. This creative idea consists in the placement of multiple solar umbrellas, which supply energy to small charging stations that are situated beneath them.

       These stations placed at Pearl Street Triangle Plaza have a duration of 15 hours when the sun’s not out. The sun is a renewable energy that makes life easier for many residents of the popular neighborhood of Brooklyn. You only need to bring your Iphone or Android Phone USB cable, connect it to one of these umbrellas and enjoy a day of work in the daylight, or just surf the net.

       Pensa, the company behind the project, is participating also providing free wireless (Wifi) in the area. As says Marco Perry designer of the project, “No one should be stuck indoors because their phone battery is dying,”

What are you waiting for drop by Dumbo? Charge and recharge all the batteries!

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