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7 Ways to Fix the iPhone Battery Glitch

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. You’re using the phone you painstakingly and lovingly charged overnight, it’s sitting at a healthy 80-90%, and you take your eyes off that battery readout for one second. You bring your eyes back and, lo and behold, you’re looking at 70, sometimes 60%. The iPhone battery glitch has struck again.

iPhones have had multiple instances of bugged out batteries and the new models with their 12.1.14 software update has been no exception. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can troubleshoot the problem and find an effective fix.

Before trying these solutions out, be sure to rule out any faulty hardware issues. If your physical battery is on the fritz, these solutions won’t help much. We’ve covered a few ways of determining whether you need an iPhone battery replacement before if you’re interested in eliminating the possibility of any hardware malfunctions.

And with that, let’s go through 7 quick fixes for that notorious iPhone battery glitch!

1.) Restart Your Device


This may sound like common sense, because it is. You’d be surprised just how many different problems a quick restart can solve. Also, knocking out the quicker fixes now will save you time in the long run.

Try powering down your device for 20-30 seconds then power it back on and see if performance improves. If you have an iPhone 8 or X, quickly click and release the volume up button, quickly click and release the volume down button, then press and hold the power button to restart.

For iPhone 7 users, hold the power button and, while doing so, press and hold the volume down button until your phone restarts.

2.) Update (With Caution)

Operating systems update for a reason. iPhone glitches are pretty common, especially when a new update is fresh off the presses. If Apple’s recent FaceTime glitch has taught us anything, it’s that no update drops with a completely clean bill of health.

With that in mind, if you’re suffering from quick and sudden battery drain, sometimes the culprit can be an iPhone battery glitch that a new update can snuff out.

Definitely update with a grain of salt, however. Sometimes an update can fix a bug but end up swapping it out for another, more dangerous one. We always recommend reading reviews and user feedback on social media or other reputable sites to make sure an update will actually cure your headaches instead of adding to them.  

3.) Use Low Power Mode

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A common misconception many phone users share is that their batteries only drain when they’re actively using their phone. While it’s true that battery usage is at its most when you use apps or features, many services are constantly running in the background that can eat away at your battery life if gone unchecked. And while this isn’t much of an actual iPhone battery drain glitch, it can be incredibly annoying if you don’t use the services that are taking so much of your battery’s attention.

Low power mode is a setting you can tick on that will either turn off or reduce battery consumption from a number of features including:

  • Email fetching
  • “Hey siri”
  • Background app refresh
  • Certain visual effects
  • iCloud photo library

You can manually turn on low power mode by

  • Going to settings
  • Tapping “battery”
  • Turning on “low battery mode”

We also recommend adding low battery mode to your control center so you can more easily flip it on and off at a moment’s notice. This can be done by

  • Going to settings
  • Tapping “control center”
  • Tapping “customize controls”
  • Tapping the green plus sign next to “low power mode”

4.) Turn Off Background App Refresh

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Like the name implies, background app refresh is a feature that refreshes apps while you aren’t using them. By doing this, your iPhone can ensure the latest data, posts, and information is presented to you every time you open an app.

This can be incredibly useful, if you have the battery to support it. Otherwise, background app refresh can be one of the biggest battery hogs to your phone’s name. Fortunately, turning it off is as simple as:

  • Going to settings
  • Tapping general
  • Tapping background app refresh
  • Turning it off selectively by app or altogether   

5.) Turn Off Fitness Tracking

Like background app refresh, fitness tracking is something that’s constantly running in the background even when you aren’t using the apps. Essentially, fitness tracking makes use of your iPhone’s motion coprocessor to track your steps and other activities and record them in certain applications.

Again, super useful if you’re the kind of person to track your movement and workouts. Not so much for others looking to get a little more than a few hours of use because of a glitchy iPhone battery. Turn off the feature and save some battery by:

  • Heading to settings
  • Tapping privacy
  • Select motion and fitness
  • Toggle fitness tracking off

6.) Reset all Settings

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If you’ve tried everything above to no avail, it might be time to go nuclear and reset all of your settings.

Resetting everything won’t delete the newest operating system updates, but it will erase your preferences and reset Wi-Fi, do not disturb, notifications, general, sounds, brightness, wallpapers, and privacy back to factory defaults. If some rouge setting is behind the mysterious disappearance of your battery percentage, this will definitely take care of it for you.

Also, this is not to be confused with a complete factory reset. The “Reset All Content and Settings” option will end up deleting everything, including photos, contacts, and more. The option we’re recommending here, “Reset All Settings”, will only return your setting preferences to normal. This can be done by:

  • Going to settings
  • Tapping general
  • Tapping reset
  • Tapping “Reset All Settings”
  • Entering your passcode if you have one enabled    

7.) Check Your Battery Usage

Sometimes, the issue behind your battery drain isn’t your phone so much as it’s a specific app or two. Of course, there’s a quick way to check and see if a particular game or messaging app is draining your juice. Gather some information by:

  • Going to settings
  • Tapping on “battery” and wait for your usage to show up

Once you can see the information, tap the option to see the last 10 days of battery usage for a broader look. Scan the list and see if you can pick out a few suspect apps. You should be looking for apps that use a considerable amount of battery or spend an excessive amount of time working in the background. Once you do, delete those apps and try reinstalling them. Hopefully, this will address any bugs that could have caused them to increase their battery usage.

If the problem persists, it might be worth simply deleting those apps and finding alternatives.

End the iPhone Battery Drain Glitch

Hopefully, if you were suffering from an iPhone battery glitch, one of these fixes helped. If they didn’t, you may have just gone through too many charge cycles. Consider visiting the Apple store and seeing if you need a new battery altogether.