5 Great Short Films shot with Cell Phones

Would you like to be a filmmaker?

      Today it is not that difficult thanks to our cell phones. Music videos, sports, cooking, comedy… Everything you can imagine is at your fingertips, just grab your cell phone and shoot the world. Here, we have provided 5 videos made mostly with cell phones. With just a little ingenuity, imagination and basic knowledge of editing you can get very interesting results. Prepare some popcorn and have a look of all of these great clips. Enjoy! 

1. BMX Riders

    This video shot by Maréchal Lénaïc shows how a Nokia N8 can make a great short film. The skills of these individuals help Maréchal to reach the best outcome. 

Nokia N8 Edit from Lénaïc Maréchal on Vimeo.


2. Golden Harvest

    The interesting aspect of this short film is how the director takes advantage of the nature of the way it does. Special attention to how he uses a dolly made with legos and a blue tack!


3. The Commuter

    This clip was filmed in just 4 days.’The Commuter’ was shot entirely in mobile HD on the Nokia N8 smartphone. Pamela Anderson, Ed Westwick, Dev Patel and Charles Dance star in this short film.


4. Apple of my Eye

     Shot with an iPhone and edited with iMovie, Apple of my Eyes was performed within 48 hours. The low budget ($ 103) was not an impediment to success.



5. Space Ballon

      Luke Geissbuhler and his son Max launched an iPhone into space. The final result is this fantastic video documentary.

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