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Event Charging Stations: The Perfect Tool to Power through Event Season

Event charging stations are a must for the summer, with music festival and event season upon us. Whether attending Bonnaroo or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, there’s one universal problem that haunts every attendee: finding an outlet to charge a mobile device.

Some events take place in rural areas, just giant fields filled with people as far as the eye can see. Some events take place in modern conference halls that never seem to have a free outlet. For event attendees looking to stay connected to the outside world, sometimes the safest choice is to pack a personal portable power pack. One thing’s for certain: Whatever the event is, chances are attendees will need power to charge their devices.

Keep Up Your Festival Instagram Game

It’s no secret that half the fun of attending a music festival is capturing and sharing all the envy-inducing photos of huge names like Beyoncé and Eminem. Thanks to Coachella attendees, Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance was the most tweeted about performance ever.

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Music festivals like Coachella draw electric crowds, but offer limited electrical outlets – image source

It’s little surprise, then, that Android Central called a portable charger the number one accessory for music festival attendees to include in their bags. Each year, festival attendees have more and more incentive to keep their phones on them at all times. New technology like augmented reality is bringing new ways to engage with festivals like Coachella–and upping the bar for sweet Instagram posts.  

If you’re going to pack a portable charger for a three-day Instagram binge (aka Coachella), make sure you grab one with enough juice to get you (and your friends) through the weekend. ChargeTech’s 54,000 mAh AC Battery Pack can completely charge up an iPhone X nearly 20 times. And, with two AC outlets, it can power up your air mattress pump so you don’t have to sleep on the hard desert floor.

Make the Most of Networking by Staying Charged

When attending a networking conference, there’s a lot of stuff to see, a lot to do, and a lot to remember. From keynotes to vendors and lead names, the amount of information doled out on the conference floor is massive. Smartphones and tablets can help attendees stay organized (and sane).

But when trade shows and tech conferences like Salesforce’s Dreamforce boast over 170,000 attendees, the odds of finding an abandoned plug are slim-to-none. That’s why Sales Hacker included a portable charger on their list of “unconventional” items to make the most out of every event.

When you a slip a slim power pack in your travel bag, you can do more than keep your phone powered up. If you’re carrying the ChargeTech 27,000 mAh AC Battery Pack, you can charge up someone else’s phone and laptop. Helping a fellow attendee charge their gear is a great way to network and make new connections.

Event Charging Stations Improve Attendee Satisfaction

Event organizers can help address the lack of available power at most events by providing event charging stations where attendees gather and hang out. According to Event Manager, “Charging stations are the new event tech accessory that goes down well with attendees and shows them you care.”

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Event charging stations in lobbies and other gathering areas are a great addition to any event. – image source


Not only do they show people that the event was built with the attendees’ success and happiness in mind, but according to Social Tables, event charging stations boost engagement as well: “Many creative exhibitors are adding comfortable chairs and/or networking icebreakers in order to encourage attendees who may not know each other to get acquainted as they visit the charging stations during programmatic breaks.”

As smartphones become more central to event experiences, event charging stations will likely turn into central hangout spots that offer vendors a chance to network and mingle with a captive audience.

Finding the Right Event Charging Station or Power Pack

If you’re attending an event this summer, ChargeTech has a variety of powerful battery packs that can get you through an entire weekend with juice to spare.

Event organizers looking to maximize attendee satisfaction and dwell time can find a wide selection of charging stations to create the right mix for their space. From ChargeTech’s Power Floor Stand Charging Station to Wall Mount & Table Top Charging Stations to ADA-compliant Power Table Charging Stations, there’s an event charging station for every scenario.

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