Emergency Power Supply Backup Battery

Is a Power Source in Your Emergency Preparedness Checklist?

In addition to the standard power outage items and emergency preparedness supplies such as a fire extinguisher, food and water, every emergency preparedness kit should include a portable power station to charge electronics in an emergency.

Prepare for No Electricity by Keeping a Backup Battery Pack On Hand

Keep phones charged and communication devices on in an outage by keeping an emergency power source on hand. In case of an emergency, a portable power pack offers a way to power devices, keep in touch with family members and stay warm. An emergency power bank with multiple functions including flashlight, radio, and cell phone charger provides a way to stay connected and well-informed during an emergency.

From large-scale blackouts to smaller fuse related issues, power outages affect us all and are usually unexpected. Make sure that you are prepared and that your family is safe, warm and in touch.

Prepare for a Blackout with an Emergency Power Supply