Discover How to Use that Old Charging Dock with the iPhone5

Apple usually is met with a lot of approval, but the changes that they made to Maps in iOS6 was greeted by complaints. So too was the Lighting connector, which serves the newest iPhone and iPod models and is supposed to replace the 30-pin dock connector. Firewire-adapter-iPhone5

While there are some benefits to the new plug, the problems are all about compatibility. It’s been a boon to large accessory manufacturers, but a blessing for others *cough* ChargeAll *cough*. Why? For obvious reasons, it’s more beneficial for manufacturers to create proprietary tips and cables for their devices; the accessory market and profits are huge. That’s why we created our universal cell phone charging pad. People have a ton of old accessories that use the 30-pin connector which they would like to continue to use with their new devices. These accessories are still on the market and are common features of homes, cars, and offices. Consumers enjoy the equipment they already have and do not want the money that they spent on them to go to waste. It has gotten to the point that many consumers have decided to start making their own iPhone5 charging dock.

The good news is that there are adapters available. Apple has two Lightning to 30-pin adapters available which range from $29-$39.  These adapters allow iPhone and iPod users to connect their new devices to the old accessories.  However a loss of functionality can be experienced with some accessories. For example, some consumers could still have a hard time connecting their new iPhone to an old IPhone charging dock.

The adapters do seem to work well with various designs of speakers and audio docks.  It does well for playing audio and there is no compromising on quality of sound. Both old and new speakers are able to take the device’s audio with the adapter and produce a great playback.  Best of all is the fact that the adapters are able to function with speakers that use both digital and analog signals.  However, the switch between analog and digital signals is performed with the power of the iPhone or iPod itself and the Lightning connector does not offer analog-audio pins. For this reason the adapters are rather pricy. Apple has to include a DAC built in to each adapter.

The capacity of the speaker to serve as an iPhone5 charging dock depends on the design of the accessory. There are some models that allow for this function, but others that do not. There was a time when iPods were charged through FireWire pins. Eventually the method of charging evolved to USM only. There are some older speakers who do offer UDB charging and can be used as a charging dock, but those that use the old FireWire system are no longer compatible for charging. We here at ChargeAll are interested in knowing your thoughts about low battery life? Read our article about how to make your battery last longer.

30-pin-dock-connector chargers and batteries also can be redeemed for use with the new iPhone5 thanks to the adapters.  As long as the chargers or batteries are not using the old FireWire system, they can be used with an adapter to charge the newest iPhones and iPods on the market. There are a few who have a 30-pin adapter available which can be used with FireWire-only devices. This means that some consumers may be able to use that old FireWire charging dock for their new iPhones and iPods after all. Maybe our universal cell phone charger needs yet another charging tip?


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