A Letter from the CEO: CleanCharge by ChargeTech- A New Partnership and a New Focus

June 7, 2020

Over the last few months, we have all become painfully aware of how vulnerable we are, as a society, to the spread of diseases in our schools, workplaces, and homes. Those of us in the technology world have been grappling with the realization that our essential technological devices like phones, tablets, portable power units, and laptops are often part of the problem, physical links in the chain that pass a contagion from one person to the next.

However, it is also apparent that our technology need not be part of the problem. With better design and better materials which eradicate contagions as opposed to fostering their growth, technological devices can be part of creating a safer world.

At ChargeTech, we have endeavored to accomplish just that. I am proud to announce that we are partnering with Coastal Health USA, a leading voice in the sanitation and health-safety space, to design a new line of antimicrobial and UV disinfection products that are tested and scientifically proven to break the link in the transmission of contagions and diseases.

After much hard work by our internal team, engineers, and strategic partners, we are announcing CleanCharge by ChargeTech, a new collection of products specifically designed to improve the safety of our schools and workplaces. In the coming weeks, we will be bringing to market a new generation of Portable Power Packs. Following this release, we will be unveiling a series of additional CleanCharge by ChargeTech products designed to create better learning and working environments. 

All of us at ChargeTech are excited to continue to work with our partners and customers to design and build a cleaner and safer world. Stay tuned for what’s to come.


John Cappetta

CEO ChargeTech Enterprises

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