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Portable Power Banks

From cell phone charging stations, lockers and kiosks to portable power packs with USB charging ports and wireless outlets. ChargeTech portable power products allow you to charge laptops, android iPads, e-readers and tablets from the classroom, courtroom or courtyard.

Never again worry about running out of battery life when you need it most. We’ve all been stranded without a phone and as a result gotten lost, missed an appointment or separated from the group.

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Phone Charging Stations

Multi-device charging stations, laptop storage lockers, UV disinfecting cabinets and other ChargeTech innovations improve communication, boost efficiency and enhance guest, patient and client experience. Charging stations present several benefits to any environment. Patrons and visitors have comfort knowing they can keep their phones alive to stay in touch for business, personal and emergency.  We live in a connected world, keep your community-powered.


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Phone charging station and portable power supply with outlet for electronics, laptop, phone, travel and camping.