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    All-In-One Phone Charging Station

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    Fast Charge Dual USB Wall Charger

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    Portable Battery Dock Charging Station 6

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    Portable Power Outlet

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    Power Floor Stand Charging Station

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    Power Strip Charging Station

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    Tablet & Phone Charging Pad

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    Universal Phone Charger Squid 10

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2X Faster Charging

It’s the phone charger your device should have came with. The ChargeTech dual usb wall charger is tiny, and will charge your iPhone 6/6+ almost twice as fast as the included charger. With ChargeTech you can charge your device in half the time and get on with your life.

Extremely Small

ChargeTech is the world’s smallest dual USB wall charger with 4.8 amps of power. It’s the perfect travel companion and will fit in those tight spaces such as wall outlets and surge protectors. It’s extremely powerful and can charge even larger devices like the iPad and Galaxy Tablet. Spend less time charging with ChargeTech.

Carry it Anywhere

Your new everyday carry just got even smaller and more powerful.

Charge Two Devices at Once

It can charge two phones or tablets simultaneously. That’s right, dual USB charging ports. Most people nowadays have at least two mobile devices, whether an iPhone and iPad, Android phone and Bluetooth Speaker, or fitness tracking smartwatch and GoPro. All of these devices need charging on a daily basis.

Meticulous Attention to Design


We spent extra time and attention in making sure this charger was not just small and powerful, but also beautifully designed and perfectly compact to carry around. From the swooping corners and glossy finish, to the way the prongs unfold, everything was carefully planned.

Spec Comparison

Why should premium products cost premium pricing? ChargeTech is disrupting the retail market with innovative products at deeply discounted pricing for early IndieGoGo backers. Why pay full price at your local retail store when you can double your value with a smaller, faster and more powerful product?

Also Available – Car Charger

Also available is the car charger version. Just as small and powerful, this dual usb car charger will fit perfectly in any cigarette lighter power adapter. Charge anything, anytime and anywhere.


Choose the wall charger or car charger at an extremely low price offered only for early IndieGoGo backers. Mix and match multiple units for all rooms in your home or office. Give the gift of power to all your family and friends and place a dual USB car charger in all of your vehicles..

Smart Charging for All your Devices

Using special technology, ChargeTech delivers the fastest charge possible for all your mobile devices. That means, a special microchip intelligently recognizes the mobile device plugged in and charges it with the fastest speed possible. It also features safe overcharge protection and an LED indicator light to know when the device is plugged in.

The Benefits of ChargeTech


Reduces Charging Time

With Turbo Boost Charging 2.0, you can charge devices up to 2x faster. Stay mobile and doing what you enjoy with dramatically reduced charging times


Maximizes Power

Turbo Boost Charging 2.0 uses the maximum power available from your Turbo Boost Charging 2.0 certified USB charging source to reduce the time you’re plugged in compared to devices without fast charging technology.


Charges Anything

Full compatibility and interoperability enables true universal charging, with no need for multiple cords or adapters.