Wireless Charging Pads at Starbucks

What happens when you need to charge all your devices and there is no way you can do so because all the power lines have been cut up because of a Hurricane or other natural calamity? Just this week, Starbucks announced their wireless charging pad trial. Read it here.

This wireless charging pad by is available in the 17 outlets of the coffee chain around the Boston area. This is however available for just a limited time only. Adam Brotman, Starbucks’ digital officer said the wireless charging pad is only available for a limited time.

“We’re building the technology into some of the tabletops, just to get a sense for how our customers will react, compared to having to plug their mobile devices into the wall,”  Brotman revealed.

Anybody can just try out the wireless charging pad even if you don’t have the needed accessory for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy because Starbucks has made available the connectors. These can be loaned by anybody and they are even giving away a few free ones.

“A few weeks into the test, we’ll do some in-store giveaways, and we will have some behind the counter available to loan out,” Brotman says.

The problem is that wireless charging hasn’t been widely adopted. In fact, read our article about why even Apple chose to not include it in their new iPhone5. What do you think would happen if Starbucks placed a free ChargeAll phone charging pad at one of their locations for guests to try? No really, the response would be overwhelming. The low battery problem is one of life’s everyday problems and anyone with a smartphone can relate.

Well, the wireless charging pads were first installed in the three stores located at the Financial District. These are at 101 Federal Street, One Financial Center and 125 Summer Street.

The first time Starbucks offered free WiFi to their customers was in the mid-2010. There is no definite plan yet to install wireless charging pads in their stores but Brotman already said that the pads is one way of addressing the customers’ need. It would bring ease to the customers if they are able to charge their devices while inside the coffee shop while browsing the net.

The wireless charging pad is also one way of driving customers in Starbucks. It would encourage customers to “stay as long as they want to.” Wifi plus free charging is something that customers can’t easily pass off.

Boston was chosen by Starbucks because Brotman say it is a “hotbed for early adoption and tech-savvy customers.”

The wireless charging pad will be tested and evaluated before it will be adopted by the other branches.

The wireless charging pads will be installed in 17 stores with eight charging pads per store. These stores are located in: #869 Federal Street, #7377 One Financial, #10599 Summer Street, #7702 Commonwealth Avenue, #870 Newbury, #883 Steaming Kettle, #16439 Cleveland Circle, #7535 School Street, #875 Devonshire, #7224 Beth Israel, #7234 Mass Avenue, #7804 Children’s Hospital, #801 Charles Street, #7102 Harvard Yard, #7502 Davis Square, #7338 Central Square, and #7805 One International.

If you’re out there Starbucks, please contact ChargeAll, we’d be happy to setup free cell phone charging stations for all of your guests to use. In fact, visit mycellphonedied.com. Just click on Arnold below.

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