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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 30, 2015

According to the number of Smartphone users worldwide will be more than 2 billion in 2016 and it is expected that half of the entire mobile phone users will have Smartphones in 2018. There are also 285 million people that use tablets for business and entertainment. In this busy life, mobile devices are essential.

Although the Smartphones and tablets are very useful for the people, they have a serious problem, low battery. Today almost every manufacturer of popular mobile devices are trying to solve this problem, but the technology yet to produce everlasting batteries. They are trying to increase the capacity of the batteries but this is not enough for the pocket monsters because tablets and Smartphones are consuming a lot.

On that point, different charging solutions come into life. In general these integrate the life of the users. For example big car manufacturers are producing their cars with integrated USB output because they know everyone is charging their devices in the car.

ChargeTech truly is an innovator for developing solutions in all types of situations. All ChargeTech products help power mobile devices for users. These products are extremely high quality and user friendly.

Hospitals are Life Changing Environments

At a hospital, people must be able to have charging access for their phones so they are able to contact family members and loved ones.
ChargeTech-Homepage-Long-Format-Charging-StationsTherefore hospitals are one of most important places for charging due to people spending long hours while waiting for news.

ChargeTech has created a Power Floor Stand for situations like these. Thanks to the Power Floor Stand by ChargeTech, 8 people can charge their mobile devices simultaneously at same time while using their devices. It’s a big comfort to the patients and patient’s relatives.

There are 5,723 hospitals in U.S; In these hospitals, there are 920,829 beds and occupancy rate is around 66.4 %. The statistics show that hospitals in U.S are intensive. Concluding that almost everyone who is in the hospital needs to keep their mobile devices on standby ready to go.

Hotels are for Travelers on the Go

Who doesn’t like travelling? No one right? According to OTTI, every year more than 30 million U.S citizens are travelling overseas and 68 million U.S citizens are travelling within the continent. Reasons behind some of these trips is depending on the situation. Sometimes people travel to relax and sometimes people travel for business trips. For many cases on these trips, people forget their chargers at home. It is actually very normal to forget to pack chargers because people tend to use their chargers until last minute before leaving.


After, driving for a couple hours or being on a flight for many hours, mobile devices exhaust their energy just like we do.

It is smart to keep in mind, about 89% of Smartphone users utilize their GPS to find locations of restaurants, retail outlets and movie theaters while traveling.


The priority of many hotels is to make the customers ’’feel at home’’. They are serving clean beds, delicious foods and entertainment. But what about chargers?

Thanks to the revolutionary products of ChargeTech, today many big hotel chains are using ChargeTech chargers such as Marriott, Hilton, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Best Western and Harrah’s. ChargeTech is leading the way in customer satisfaction at any hotel.

Let’s go Shopping!

According to, there are 107,773 shopping centers in the U.S. and the retail market has 3.19 trillion dollars volume in 2014. This number shows that the U.S is a giant market for retail industry. Almost everyone spends hours in shopping centers in the U.S.

After fast grooving of Smartphones and mobile applications, the retail stores occupied a place in the technology world. The companies in this industry are trying to keep customers’ attention with different methods.

PS6-Diagram-2Almost every huge retail store has their own mobile applications and they are giving some discounts or special gifts to their customers who downloads their application. Also online membership is very important in this industry because, the companies can inform their customers very easily through mobile applications. The customers are using their mobile devices very interactively while they are shopping; they send pictures of the clothes, shoes and just about anything to each other.

At this conjunction, the mobile devices start becoming needy of a charge making the customers frantically look for a charging station or an outlet to plug in their mobile devices. ChargeTech relieves the consumer by offering charging points to solve this problem.

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