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How to Properly Charge your Cell Phone Battery

To understand how to properly charge and take care of your cell phone battery, you first need to know exactly what it is.

Cell phone battery charger


          Your phone uses a lithium ion battery, and differs from the nickel cadium batteries that you’re fond of, you know, the ones in R/C cars and kitchen appliances? Why? Because they’re small, lightweight and powerful. In nickel cadium batteries, charging and discharging batteries is a chemical reaction, but with lithium ion batteries, it’s different. Scientists claim that the energy is actually an ion movement between anode and cathode, but this not so perfect movement can become obstructed and the effects of aging/corrosion are why the battery life gets worse and worse as time goes on.  

          Let’s face it, batteries don’t last very long (or you’re on Twitter/Facebook too much), and we need to charge our phones several times a day. Yeah there’s ton of options out there – external battery packs, cell phone cases with batteries in them and even portable chargers. Well, wouldn’t it be great if there were free universal cell phone chargers everywhere? ChargeAll is trying to make that dream a reality, just check out their website to learn more. Until then, here’s some tips and tricks for prolonging the life of your device.



Quick facts:


  • There is no such thing as a miracle charger. Here are some claims debunked.

1.) No, it will not prolong your battery life, 2.) No, you will not get that “extra” juice, and 3.) No, slow down, charging too fast puts stress on your battery.  

  • It is better not to fully charge a battery. Lithium ion batteries do not need to be fully charged, high voltages stress the battery. Manufacturers choose to charge the battery fully to promote maximum battery runtime, but in fact it hinders the life of the battery. There are two stages of battery charging. The first stage, the fast charge, is when the voltage drastically rises. It shows full but in actuality, is only about 70%. The second stage, the trickle charge, takes much longer. It’s when the voltage peaks, and the remaining battery is slowly charged from 70% to 100%.  


  • Lithium Ion Batteries cannot absorb overcharge. Once fully charged, the charge current must be cut off, but not to worry, because the cell phone charger will take care of that. It’s called IC or integrated circuitry, a feature in certain phone chargers.

  • Turn off your phone when it’s charging. Think about your battery, it’s both being used and charged at the same time? Confused much? Like Charlie Sheen “Winning”, but actually losing in the game of life. The battery is being stressed and is also unsafe. On a scientific level, the voltage and current is not able to stabilize.  

  • Never discharge your battery too low. Don’t worry, there are safeguards and 

a phone would shut off before the battery is overused. When storing a battery, be sure to partially charge it. Even a phone in a sleeping state uses battery.  

  • Your Cell Phone Battery is shipped with 40% charge. Follow the directions and fully charge the phone before using it. The partially charged battery reduces stress on the cells and allows for self-discharge during storage.  

  • Avoid extreme heat and cold. Think like your battery and keep it in comfortable environments. Stop using your device if it begins to overheat. Operating temperature should be between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. That means, remove it from the case when charging and avoid direct sunlight. 

  • Relax, your battery will eventually need to be replaced. It’s a fact of life, aging that is, and hopefully the manufacturer of your phone will allow you to replace it for a new one.   Luckily, there’s ChargeAll, the universal cell phone charger soon to be in every hotel, restaurant, bar, and café around the world. Low battery? No problem, we’re making sure you’re always charged and always ready.


  • Ok, so it happened… “My Cell Phone Died” make the best of it and post your funny story on or better yet, download the app. Find a free ChargeAll cell phone charging station so it doesn’t happen again. Click on Arnold below to find out more.


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  1. More then a comment ,its really a query.One of my friend says removing the charging cord from phone end without switching off the power supply ,drains battery faster.I see no logic supporting that ,and tried verifying on internet ,but none of the link is related to this topic. Any answers?

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