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Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks

With today’s electronic devices and all their functions and the list of APPS that grows at a exponential rate, is why they have far surpassed the capacity of the current battery technology. and why they lose their power so quickly with just moderate use. Certain everyone has had their cell phone die at the worst […]

10 iPhone Glitches and How to Fix Them

We decided it would be a good idea to update all of you with the most up to date iPhone glitches users are facing. We are all aware smartphones are beautifully crafted devices specifically designed to make our lives easier, but sometimes they just end up causing what seems to be an endless amount of frustration. […]

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone Charging Station

Charging stations came to rise to fulfill the growing battery loss anxiety that plague the majority of us.  Not only is it a mode of providing power to our smartphones/tablets, but businesses are now using them as a way to gain more customers, retain them, and improve revenue.  Statistics show that a customer will likely […]

Juice Up: 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop/Tablet Charging Cabinet

Modern technology has evolved so much in the passing years and the need to keep up with the thousands of gadgets worldwide is crucial. With this in check, innovation has yet to cease and the standard one-is-to-one charger is re-engineered with the creation of a laptop/tablet charging cabinet. It is no question that quality comes […]

Why Your Company Needs Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks.

Why Your Company Needs Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks. More and more industries are becoming wise to the virtually untapped and diverse potential of cell phone charging station and kiosks. What is it that they are taking full advantage of? The top 5 reasons are as follows: 1. Increase customer satisfaction. A dead cell […]

Top 5 ways to use your Charging Station

Charging Station Examples

Learn why Harvard University, McDonald’s and Toyota choose ChargeTech phone charging stations. — 1. Promote your Company Name and Logo (Show custom artwork picture) Customize your charging station 2. Engage your customers (Picture of trade show people talking) Give them something they want. The most popular amenity at events, trade shows and convetions are charging […]

How to make your phone: Faster, Louder, and Stronger

 Faster 1. Check the source- A crowded phone means a slower phone, so check what’s taking up most of your phone storage. The more your iPhone space your phone has, the faster it will go. Good thing the steps to check your iPhone’s storage are very simple. Go to Settings>General>Usage. (Depending on how full your […]

What great lengths will you go with your phone?

The adventures and other shenanigans of how creative some can get just to have one more bar of internet, charge their phone, or take a selfie. Because we’ve all done it, were all guilty of it, and if you say you haven’t been this desparate, you’re (most likely) lying. Which one of these are you? 1. […]

Create happiness for your customers with the help of a multi charging station

   1.How could your passangers still get connected to the world in your taxi   Taxi business in the city provides people a way for convenient and time saving transportation. When people are in a hurry, for example, when people would like to go to airports on time or be in a rush to go […]

Revealing the best ways to take care of your Smartphone

Cell phones are an everyday essential and an important way to stay connected to family and friends daily. Carrying aroung this pocket sized computer also holds all of your personal memories and information. They’re investments both financially and personally so it’s important to take care of them to make sure our phones last a very, […]