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TheUnlockr Calls ChargeTech’s PPO the Best AC Outlet You Can Buy

TheUnlockr has dropped another video and, like we’ve come to expect, it’s another informative post backed by some serious production value. This time, however, he’s covering our 54,000 mAh Portable Power Outlet and we are beyond excited to hear he liked what he saw. Thanks for the shoutout, David! Like what David had to say… Read more >

ChargeTech and other products

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 21, 2015 Solution of Industry Leader Today almost all of the smartphone owners are thinking the same problem. This problem is weak battery of the powerful devices. Average smartphone users are charging their devices at least two times every day. It means the people are always carrying their adapter cables etc…. Read more >

Facts about ChargeAll Kiosk

We live in a world where everyone have smartphones. From a recent research, it has been identified that 87% of the Americans own mobile phones and over 45% of them are smartphones. Lack of battery life can be considered as one of the main issue faced by all the smartphone users. The large display, advanced… Read more >

Wireless Charging Pads at Starbucks

What happens when you need to charge all your devices and there is no way you can do so because all the power lines have been cut up because of a Hurricane or other natural calamity? Just this week, Starbucks announced their wireless charging pad trial. Read it here. This wireless charging pad by is… Read more >

The Proporta TurboCharger Pocket Power

The individuals behind have just released a thin and light pocket sized phone charger/battery at 7mm wide. It is compatible with the Iphone, and Samsung and HTC phones. Although this phone charger is small enough to fit into your wallet and pocket, it doesn’t emphasize that you’ll need to charge it with a micro… Read more >

ChargeAll Compatibility List

Works with thousands of devices, literally… Apple – iPod, iPhone Mini USB – Blackberry 5790, Blackberry 5820, Blackberry 6210, Blackberry 6220, Blackberry 6230, Blackberry 6280, Blackberry 6510, Blackberry 7100g, Blackberry 7100i, Blackberry 7100r, Blackberry 7100t, Blackberry 7100v, Blackberry 7100x, Blackberry 7105t, Blackberry 7130c, Blackberry 7130e, Blackberry 7130g, Blackberry 7130v, Blackberry 7210, Blackberry 7230, Blackberry 7250,… Read more >

Phone Charging Kiosks

Phone Charging Kiosk Why pay thousands of dollars? Or rent when you could just buy ChargeAll? Watch the video. Great article posted in the technology section of MSNBC. They talk about those “other” phone charging station kiosks. – You know, the kind that make you pay to charge your phone? Or make you watch advertisements… Read more >

Universal Cell Phone Charger

Has your cell phone battery died when you needed it most? Think about that for a second… Moms, Dads, Kids, Uncles, Aunts, or Grandmothers, it’s happened to them and it shouldn’t happen to you. ChargeAll is the solution to an emergency cell phone charger. Unexpected situations arrive, and having a charged cell phone to stay… Read more >

ChargeAll Customer Reviews and Testimonials

People around the country are raving about ChargeAll. Check out these reviews and testimonials: ChargeAll Review – Christian B – Tulsa, OK  Cell Phone Chargers: Why you need a ChargeAll We live in a world of electronics; where everything we do and touch has something plugged in or something to use with just about anything… Read more >


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