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Portable Power Outlets

Best Portable Power Outlets 2021

Portable Power Outlets: Now More than Ever Portable power is important. Advances in portable power have completely revolutionized the way people interact with and utilize technology. In the not-so-distant past, devices like phones and computers could only be used when connected to a wall-mounted AC outlet. However, with portable power technology improving by the day,… Read more >

Featured on PCWorld: Portable Power Outlet AM 27K 4.0 review 1

Featured on PCWorld: Portable Power Outlet AM 27K 4.0 review

  ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet AM 27K 4.0 review: Part battery pack, part power station The ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet AM is a mix between a portable battery pack, albeit a big one, and one of the more robust and capable power stations. It includes several USB ports and a standard wall outlet capable of… Read more >

Featured in: Yahoo Finance 3

Featured in: Yahoo Finance

ChargeTech and DistanZ Introduce Antimicrobial Laptop Sleeve California businesses partner to provide classrooms and workplaces with protection from harmful bacteria and viruses that accumulate on laptops ChargeTech, a leading provider of portable power solutions and multidevice charging stations, announces its collaboration with the performance mask makers at DistanZ, to create a laptop sleeve treated with… Read more >

Featured in: Forbes 4

Featured in: Forbes

Mini Gifts: What To Get For Your Colleagues And Clients For The 2020 Holiday Season “Chargetech 40K AC Portable Power Unit: For your colleague who loves working from national parks. This portable charger gives them 100 hours of extra battery life before needing to be charged itself. No need to ever be looking for an… Read more >

As Seen on Forbes List: The Best Gifts For Traveling Safely During The Time Of Covid-19 5

As Seen on Forbes List: The Best Gifts For Traveling Safely During The Time Of Covid-19

CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff from ChargeTech The more we learn about germs remaining on solid objects, the more you’ll want the world’s first antimicrobial laptop sleeve. Infused with ViralOff technology, it stops harmful viruses from multiplying on surfaces and has been proven to reduce 99% of Influenza, H1N1 and SARS-CoV2 viruses within two hours… Read more >

Brian Kelly - 2020 Holiday Gift Guide 6

Brian Kelly – 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Featuring: Wireless 20k Battery pack A wireless portable charger that contains an impressive 20,000 mAh capacity which allows between 7-10 smartphone recharges. Additionally, it can charge multiple devices at once and weighs less than a pound, so it can fit in just about any bag or pocket. The Wireless 20k battery pack only costs $27.95… Read more >

Featured in: MSN Money 7

Featured in: MSN Money

November deals & discounts you don’t want to miss This company provides portable access to power, tech sanitizing products and organizational devices to improve the way technology is managed and stored. Many items can be custom branded if you have a business. The following sales are available through November 27: 40K AC Portable Power Unit:… Read more >