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Faster Phone Charging – ChargeTech by ChargeAll


Link to PRNewswire Website NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ChargeAll, the industry leader in phone charging solutions, today announced it has rebranded as ChargeTech to emphasize its new 2015 line of smarter, faster phone charging products. Since its founding in 2011, the California based company has been creating solutions to the low battery […]

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a ChargeTech

Thousands of Locations around the World already love ChargeTech 1) Everyone needs one but nobody has one. How many times have you heard your customers complain about the low battery on their phone? With the coming of iOS 7, battery draining is such a common problem, especially amongst power users who text, send pictures and […]

Discovery Channel features ChargeAll

discovery channel charging station

We’re proud to announce that Chargeall has been featured by the Discovery Channel as of  August this year! Not bad considering this is the same world-famous station that brought you Shark Week. For those who haven’t watched their famous documentaries, the Discovery Channel is an American television station that focuses interesting science related stories. We’re proud […]

New York City Experiment in Phone Charging Stations

Goal Zero Phone Charging Station

Public Smart Phone Charging Stations in NYC Will your smartphone battery last you though a full day of hard usage?  There are obviously power outlets located all over the city of New York but which business is willing to let you stand around just to charge up your battery?  Maybe they might if you pestered […]

The World’s First Water-Activated Phone Charger

The MyFC PowerTrekk, a device based on micro-fuel cell technology was developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), and is claimed to be the world’s first water-activated phone charging device. Meaning with this in hand, the only thing you would need to charge your phone is water. How Does It Work? According to the founder […]

Arkansas Society of Association Executives recommends ChargeAll

Aww, the Arkansas Society of Association executives is giving ChargeAll some Valentine’s love in their latest February Monthly Newsletter: Cell Phone Charging Station in Your Association Office or Hotel Meeting Space “Last week while at the Arkansas Society of CPA’s office, I saw the handiest thing, a cell phone charging station. You can charge up […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Released

Today’s official release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the updated version and continuation of the multiplayer game created by Valve that started 12 years ago has continued to become a hit game among PC gamers and Playstation 3 players today. The updated Counter-Strike contains 8 new maps in addition to 8 of the classic maps from […]