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Demand For Portable Power

Energy. A simple word that has big implications for the global environment. The decline in consumption of business supplies has matched the dramatic increase in the use of electricity in workplaces across the world. Additionally, the environment is now affected more by less than portable power grids at the local level, ie near people’s home… Read more >

Be Prepared With Emergency Power

Life’s unpredictability can be one of its most endearing and also infuriating qualities. From natural disasters and sudden outages to lockdowns and so much more, feeling prepared in the face of all of these variables can seem like a fool’s errand. Fortunately, reprieve can be found in the form of a well constructed survival kit… Read more >

Pokemon Go Battery Saving Tips: Powering Your Quest to Be the Very Best

While launch week hype may have fizzled away for Niantic and Nintendo’s Pokemon Go, they have hardly slowed down when it comes to new releases and updates. 2018, for example, saw the release of gen 4 Pokemon, the resoundingly requested PVP feature, and even new Pokemon altogether in the form of Meltan and Melmetal! Of… Read more >

How To Power A Camper With A Portable Battery

If you’ve ever tried to power your camper with a generator before, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Dealing with the gas, smoke, and noise hinders the peace nature brings. Until recently, there have not been many alternatives to portable power. The good news is that charging technology is evolving quickly… Read more >