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Can You Bring Your Lithium Battery on a Plane? How to Check.

can you bring your lithium battery on a plane?

Leg cramps, wailing children, delays, there are loads of reasons air travel can leave us tossing and turning the night before our trip. The last thing you need added to that list is a confiscated battery pack. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to check whether or not you can bring your lithium battery […]

How Portable Power Banks Make Us Smarter, Safer, and Greener

Until the next big breakthrough in energy acquisition, we as a species will continue to depend on power. More specifically, we’ll continue to rely on the grid. “The grid” is an interconnected network used to deliver electricity from producers to consumers. It consists of power generation stations, transmission lines that bring power to demand centers, […]

Tech in Motion + ChargeTech: Smart City Demos

Last night ChargeTech had the opportunity to partner with Tech In Motion for Smart City Demos, an event showcasing the latest tech in OC with a lineup of local companies demoing products. Tech In Motion has over 7,000 members in Orange County alone with persons coming from many different industries, so it was great to […]

Camping in California: What Camping Tech Will You Need?


California offers more than scorching heat and the occasional delicious plate of tacos. It also provides some of the most jaw-dropping sights and views at any one of it’s hundreds of stunning campsites. And with 110 state parks, 9 national forests, 8 national parks and more in the sunny state, there’s a perfect location for […]

What are Pure Sine Wave Inverters?

If you use your smartphone or laptop regularly while traveling, odds are you make pretty frequent use of one or two inverters. Understandably, the term “inverter” isn’t used very regularly. We tend to opt for “portable battery” or “portable charger” instead. But in simple terms, an inverter is a device or circuit that converts direct […]

UrAvgConsumer Massive Tech Unboxing #20 Featuring ChargeTech!

Judner Aura of UrAvgConsumer recently showcased another haul that would make even the most in-the-know techie green with envy. From phone cases and stand up lights to handheld gaming systems and even our very own Portable Power Outlet 40K, there is a host of new and innovative pieces of tech to keep an eye on […]

Demand For Portable Power

Energy. A simple word that has big implications for the global environment. The decline in consumption of business supplies has matched the dramatic increase in the use of electricity in workplaces across the world. Additionally, the environment is now affected more by less than portable power grids at the local level, ie near people’s home […]

Be Prepared With Emergency Power

Life’s unpredictability can be one of its most endearing and also infuriating qualities. From natural disasters and sudden outages to lockdowns and so much more, feeling prepared in the face of all of these variables can seem like a fool’s errand. Fortunately, reprieve can be found in the form of a well constructed survival kit […]