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Best Portable Power Outlets 2021

Portable Power Outlets: Now More than Ever Portable power is important. Advances in portable power have completely revolutionized the way people interact with and utilize technology. In the not-so-distant past, devices like phones and computers could only be used when connected to a wall-mounted AC outlet. However, with portable power technology improving by the day,… Read more >

3 Reasons Why Disney Should Have Charging Stations 1

3 Reasons Why Disney Should Have Charging Stations

Tom Bricker at Disney Tourist Blog recently penned an article titled “We Don’t Recommend FuelRods”.  You can see Tom’s article here: It got us thinking.  After hours of discussion, and conclusions drawn from our own personal experiences (our office is 10 minutes from Disneyland), the powers that be at Disney should really consider adding… Read more >

Tech in Motion + ChargeTech: Smart City Demos 2

Tech in Motion + ChargeTech: Smart City Demos

Last night ChargeTech had the opportunity to partner with Tech In Motion for Smart City Demos, an event showcasing the latest tech in OC with a lineup of local companies demoing products. Tech In Motion has over 7,000 members in Orange County alone with persons coming from many different industries, so it was great to… Read more >

Demand For Portable Power 5

Demand For Portable Power

Energy. A simple word that has big implications for the global environment. The decline in consumption of business supplies has matched the dramatic increase in the use of electricity in workplaces across the world. Additionally, the environment is now affected more by less than portable power grids at the local level, ie near people’s home… Read more >

How To Power A Camper With A Portable Battery 7

How To Power A Camper With A Portable Battery

If you’ve ever tried to power your camper with a generator before, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Dealing with the gas, smoke, and noise hinders the peace nature brings. Until recently, there have not been many alternatives to portable power. The good news is that charging technology is evolving quickly… Read more >