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Healthcare Charging Stations

Healthcare Charging Stations: Delivering Value & Convenience

Charging stations are becoming increasingly invaluable within the healthcare industry, offering stress-free charging of electronics and equipment for patients, visitors, and employees alike. Whether someone is waiting to be attended to or awaiting an update on a loved one, the waiting room at the hospital, clinic, or emergency room can be a drag—we’ve all been… Read more >

Best Hotel Guest Amenity? Cell Phone Charging Stations

Ranked #1 In-Room Hotel Technology The American Hotel & Lodging Association states that hotel owners and executives ranked universal cell phone chargers at the top of their list for ‘most popular room technology implementation’. Free Wi-Fi isn’t enough. Now more than ever, hotel guests expect technology-based amenities to support their gadget-loving lifestyles. The perfect hotel… Read more >

Top 5 Reasons Hospitals Need Charging Stations

A Changing Landscape Nowadays having a mobile phone is almost a fact of life, which makes keeping a phone alive becomes almost a daily, if not hourly, chore. Schools, businesses and hospitals alike are realizing that this need is not going away.  The demand is only growing as people rely more and more on their… Read more >

How Kaiser Permanente Increased Guest Satisfaction Scores

The Hospital Waiting Room Experience Many hospital visits can be long, unanticipated, and stressful. People sit in the waiting rooms anxiously listening for their turn to come next. A majority of these patients will be passing the time by playing games, listening to music, or keeping in touch with family members. It is the last… Read more >


“Internet of Things” Will Change the Way You Shop

Connecting the Virtual World with the Physical World Everywhere you look, you see somebody on their mobile phone. From shopping and snapchatting, to texting and tweeting, people live on their phones. It’s disrupting every aspect of life and the way businesses interact with their customers. Whether we like it or not, a person’s mobile phone is the future of e-commerce,… Read more >

Wireless Charging Stations at Starbucks

  NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 13, 2015 To say that people today are strongly attached to their mobile devices is an understatement. These devices are more than a phone and more than a computer now, these mobile devices have literally become people’s entire lives. With the high speed growing of technology, the people face a… Read more >

Top Reasons Why Schools Need Charging Stations

Let’s face it, the most important items students carry to class are their keys, wallet, backpack, and cell phones. Of course, the item that requires the most maintenance is the cellphone. If you go to campus without a full charge, chances are you’ll never make it through the day without having to find a wall… Read more >

How to Keep Your Phone Charged at Airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently implemented a new rule which requires all passengers to turn on their carry-on devices (cellphones, tablets, and laptops) before boarding a plane. Devices that don’t power on will not be allowed to leave with the original owner. The rule takes effect for all passengers planning to fly to… Read more >

Starbucks Announces Wireless Phone Charging

Starbucks is known as the pioneer of new technological implementation. First, it was free Wi-Fi in all of their stores. Then it was the creation of a seamless phone app where payment was as easy as scanning a barcode. Now, consumers can get more than just their energy and their phone charged with wireless phone charging. Wireless… Read more >


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