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Portable Power Outlets Are the Next WiFi for the Hospitality Industry

Portable power outlets may just be the next big technology in the hospitality industry. Smartphone usage has already reshaped the industry, and while companies are better at keeping customers and employees connected with WiFi, fewer organizations take low battery anxiety seriously by offering the convenience of portable power outlets. According to Hospitality Trendz, while traditional… Read more >

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Is This What Healthcare Technology Looks Like in 2022?

The healthcare industry is changing. Technology is influencing how patients interact with doctors, how nurses interface with patients, and how tech devices communicate with other systems throughout the hospitalization process. The George Washington University, School of Business wrote an article about this change in healthcare and what we can expect as it unfolds. “Technological advancements… Read more >


Retail Technology Solutions: Taking a Lead Over Online Shopping

Advancements in technology can be exciting to some and soul-crushing to others. In the face of a juggernaut in the form of online retailers like Amazon, many smaller retailers who can’t afford an online operation may feel like they’re being slowly pushed towards obsolescence. But, should you consider some more innovative retail technology solutions, those… Read more >

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Are Textbooks Being Phased Out in Favor of Classroom Tech?

Advancements in tech are always going to transform the way we approach various tasks and industries and education is by no means an exception. We’ve mentioned before the impact of classroom tech on how we teach, but today there’s a more specific change we want to address: the gradual but widespread shift from traditional textbooks… Read more >

Emerging Retail Technology to Look Out For

When tech evolves, customers’ expectations transform along with them. If you’ve been in retail for a while, you’ve probably come to expect this by now. And while incorporating the newest retail technology in your store is surely key, it’s also essential to understand client trends and preferences in order to craft the best customer experience… Read more >

Could This Self-Healing Glass Spell the End of Cracked Phone Screens?

Broken screens come second only to battery malfunctions when it comes to the most annoying parts of being a phone owner. For quite some time now, solutions to cracked phone screens have often taken the form of preventative measures as opposed to restorative ones. Phones will continue to include stronger and stronger glass materials capable… Read more >

3 Ways to Improve Patient Experience at a Medical Facility

As a hospital or medical center, you’re tasked with more than healing physical ailments. Part of the job description also asks of you to care for your patients’ mental well-being. After all, not much healing can take place if an inattentive staff and chaotic lobby space are keeping your guests stressed and burdened. In that… Read more >

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Store Display Charging Stations & The Future of the Retail Industry

Store display charging stations are part of the future of retail businesses, which will blend the best of online shopping and brick and mortar. Such specialized customer experience touches will be key to their success. If you read the business section of any newspaper, you’ll stumble across articles claiming that the brick and mortar retail… Read more >

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Cell Phone Charging Stations: Why Invest for Higher Ed Student Success

Cell phone charging stations offers convenience and reliability to busy college students across the nation. After having his smartphone die several times at school, Purdue University student Mike Young ran for student government with the promise of bringing cell phone charging stations to buildings throughout the campus. Young’s fellow senators identified with his story, and… Read more >