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coachella charging

Top 5 Tips for Phone Charging at Coachella 2019

Coachella 2019 is right around the corner. Soon, you’ll be listening to booming tunes, spotting celebrities, and posting feature-film length instagram stories that’ll be the envy of your friend groups. Unfortunately, phone charging at Coachella can often be a trying process.  The music festival is a breeding ground for lasting memories and experiences, but, If… Read more >

Samsung Galaxy S10 Unpacked

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Unpacked Highlights

With Galaxy S phone announcements always happening early in the year and the wave of leaks leading up to hours before the event, Samsung’s S10 Unpacked hardly showcased anything we didn’t already see coming a mile away. Though that may be the case, however, that isn’t to say some seriously impressive and exciting tech wasn’t… Read more >

Tech in Motion + ChargeTech: Smart City Demos

Last night ChargeTech had the opportunity to partner with Tech In Motion for Smart City Demos, an event showcasing the latest tech in OC with a lineup of local companies demoing products. Tech In Motion has over 7,000 members in Orange County alone with persons coming from many different industries, so it was great to… Read more >

The 6 Best Super Bowl Apps You Need Installed Before Sunday

2019 has had a moment to settle in and the time has come for one of the year’s first and most sacred of events. That’s right, the Super Bowl has just about arrived and whether you’re looking forward to the commercials, the food, or the game itself, a little prep-work can make this coming Sunday… Read more >

The 10 Best Travel Destinations For 2019

Travel can be immensely therapeutic for more reasons than one. For some, a simple change in scenery can put a lot in perspective. For others, the cathartic experience of making new stories can fuel them for the rest of the year to come. That being said, whether you’re making good on a new year’s resolution… Read more >

Event Charging Stations - ChargeTech Featured Image

Event Charging Stations: The Perfect Tool to Power through Event Season

Event charging stations are a must for the summer, with music festival and event season upon us. Whether attending Bonnaroo or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, there’s one universal problem that haunts every attendee: finding an outlet to charge a mobile device. Some events take place in rural areas, just giant fields filled with people as… Read more >