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Apple’s new Wireless Charger Patent

Good evening  shoppers. Today in the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Department, we have Apple’s new Wireless Charger….the patent, that is.  Of course it’s not even available yet so, in the interim you might want to pick up one of our phone charging pads. You’re no doubt aware that they’ve changed the number of pins on… Read more >

The Apple Lightning Connector

User Submitted Apple iPhone5 Lightning Connector Review Apple is an easily recognizable name in technology. They have been known to stir the pot with some of their products from time to time in their attempts to increase innovative designs and get a let up on the competition. Apple is continuing to show growth in the… Read more >

Discover How to Use that Old Charging Dock with the iPhone5

Apple usually is met with a lot of approval, but the changes that they made to Maps in iOS6 was greeted by complaints. So too was the Lighting connector, which serves the newest iPhone and iPod models and is supposed to replace the 30-pin dock connector. While there are some benefits to the new plug,… Read more >

Apple won’t be Offering a Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 Anytime Soon

The new iPhone 5 is a true masterpiece with countless features and specs that make any smartphone lover squeal like a 12 year old girl in excitement. It is the latest model in a long line of truly spectacular iPhones that have revolutionized the cellphone market and made Apple a leader in the industry, but… Read more >

New Apple iPhone5 Lightning Connector

It’s official, Apple unveiled the new iPhone5 dock connector called “Lightning”.    “YET, ANOTHER CHARGING TIP YOU ASK?”   Sadly, YES you’re going to need to buy a new charger or adapter. But not to worry, ChargeAll has you covered. Just remember that ChargeAll is constantly revising it’s charging tips to be compatible with the… Read more >

How to Make your Android Phone Battery Last Longer: 8 Simple Steps

Y U NO HAVE CHARGING STATION FOR ANDROID? You most likely clicked on the link to this article because you’ve found yourself in a bit of a dilemma…that brand new Android Phone you just picked up doesn’t have the battery life you’d like it to have. Granted, this is a very small dilemma in the… Read more >


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