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Apple Watch Battery Life

The Apple Watch has been announced for April release with a few disappointments. The first issue was Apple not being able to implement blood pressure or stress levels. The second issue, which is also prominent in Apple iPhone’s, is the battery life. If you thought your iPhone battery was bad, wait until you get your… Read more >

Apple’s ibeacon–a revolution in business

  The development and improvement of new technologies have greatly changed our lives. In the information age, you cannot despise even a slight new improvement of the technology. Because you would be very hard to know how much this technology means and how powerful it could be to the whole world. Apple is the king… Read more >

How to Stop iOS from draining your phone battery

There are a few simple things you can do to make your iPad or iPhone faster with iOS7. Some of the complaints we have been receiving about your smartphones is how quickly the operating system is draining your battery. If you’ve updated your devices and want to keep your battery from draining, we have you… Read more >

How can I save you, Google glass?

  Hi, friends! Wearable tech has emerged as one of the hottest topics of 2014 and Google Glass is in the lead. Google Glass is a small, wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. You could communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. With this glass, you could increase the pleasure of your… Read more >

The Showdown: Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Ever since the rise of Samsung’s smartphone, the Galaxy S, it has become the clear opposition to the already popular Apple iPhone. Although it was quite clear from the start that the iPhone would be the leading smartphone, the Samsung’s developers have turned their smartphone into a product that Apple is quickly becoming very worried… Read more >

The iOS7 Phone Charger

Apple iPhones, probably the most widely used and distributed cellular devices in this day and time, seems like it’s on top of the world and nearly invincible. But is it? A recent test done by Georgia Tech revealed the popular phone’s flaw. Researchers used a tiny Linux computer, disguised as a USB charger, which could… Read more >

Apple iPhone: Top 10 Tips to Make your Battery Last Longer

Today’s smartphones pack a ton of functionality, but all those features can be a drain on a phone’s battery life. Fortunately, of all the phones on the market, the Apple iPhone still gets top marks for battery life. But even with a relatively longer lasting battery, certain factors like weak signals and location tracking can… Read more >

Breaking: Your Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging: Here’s How They’ll Do It

Wireless Charging Apple, following their usual strategy, has yet to enter the wireless charging market, but evidence shows that they may soon be making an entry, and that entry may revolutionize the industry. For those of us who dream of charging our iPhones just by setting it down, as many of our Android friends do,… Read more >

Why is Apple Still Using Proprietary Connectors?

There was once a time when every mobile phone manufacturer had their own proprietary charging tips. Every time consumers changed their phones they also had to get a new charger. The result was landfills of potentially hazardous cables and chargers that could leak mercury into the environment. This is what caused the European Union to… Read more >


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